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Cycling Holidays in Holland

  • Holland - the land of the bicycle!
  • Traditional 'Boat & Bike' holidays - a Dutch invention!
  • Famous cities and typical Dutch country scenery
  • Extra nights options in Amsterdam

Cycling Holidays in Holland

Cycling is part of the Dutch way of life. In a country where the terrain never exceeds 400 feet, cycling is a great way of getting around. Add to this Holland’s excellent provision for cyclists and you have some key ingredients for an enjoyable cycling holiday.

Freewheel concentrate on the very popular ‘Boat & Bike’ formula for its Dutch cycling holidays. You join a group of 15-25 staying on a well-appointed river barge. In the day you cycle as a group or ‘do your own thing’, and everyone meets up at night to have dinner on board prepared by your chef. ‘Boat & Bike’ is a great way of meeting new people who share your interest.

Take a look at our circular routes to the north and south of Amsterdam, and also ‘Amsterdam to Bruges’, giving you a taste of the fine Belgian cities of Antwerp, Ghent and Bruges.

Holland Cycling Holidays Image

Holland Cycling Holidays Image

Tour choices - Holland

North of Amsterdam 7 nights -Boat and Bike

  • Accommodation on comfortable barge – all cabins with private facilities
  • All meals included – breakfast, dinner, packed lunches
  • Easy cycling on flat cycle tracks and minor roads
  • See old ports and fishing villages, dunes, beaches, and the island of Texel
  • Flexibility – cycle with guide or on your own, or stay on board !
  • Extra nights option in Amsterdam
  • 2017 Prices from £879, including bike hire
  • Children's price reductions
  • Great value! - all meals included
  • E-Bikes available
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