3 Cycling Holiday Destinations You Might Not Think Of!


3 Cycling Holiday Destinations You Might Not Think Of!

With the global holiday market currently on hold, now is arguably the best time to start planning all the exciting trips we can begin to have when the airports and hotels the world over finally open again. This was never more true for cycling enthusiasts!

So if your cycling holiday plans have been put on hold, its time to put in some research about the perfect cycling holiday destination for you. But don't stick to the usual suspects! Yes, there are several wonderful locations scattered throughout Europe that are known for being a haven for cyclists, but that’s not all that’s on the table!

If you want to consider somewhere different than your usual cycling getaway for the next time you finally get to head off, here are 3 cycling holiday locations you might not think of:

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Slovenia might not be the most popular country when it comes to global tourism. In all honesty, there’s probably very few people who’ve even considered it for a regular holiday, let alone a cycling holiday.

But Slovenia is home to some of the most spectacular mountainous and lakeside views in not just Europe but the entire world! And none of these stands out more than the mystifying lake bled.

The turquoise blue waters of the lake best sand out on a sunny, summer day. But there’s nothing quite like watching the winter mist solemnly rising from the water at the break of dawn, as the sun rises over the frosty hills. It’s a particularly magical sight thanks to the “floating castle” at the lake’s centre; A white church that stood for hundreds of years and has produced some of the most stunning holiday snaps in recent memory.

Add to this the fact that the lake is surrounded by ready-made cycling routes and you’ve got a cycling holiday like no other.

The Dunajec Path, Poland

Another country that is often overlooked when it comes to great countries for cycling holidays is Poland, and a specific highlight happens to be not too far from Krakow.

The appropriately titled Dunajec Path follows the beautiful Dunajec River which stretches all the way from Poland through to Slovakia.

Backed by quaint forestation and alpine hills, the route lets you sample the very best of Poland’s relaxed, countryfied regions. Home to traditional Polish towns and villages, many of which still retain much of the traditional pre-WWII architecture.

A must-ride journey for lovers of history, those interested in Polish customs and culture or those looking for a relaxed yet exciting cycling challenge!

Martinselkonen, Finland

Whoever said a cycling holiday had to be on roads or paths? If you’re looking for something totally new, why not consider a Fat Biking experience for your next cycling holiday?

Fat Bikes are heavier than regular bikes and have much thicker wheels, designed to navigate some of the more rugged terrains you might come across, such as dense mud or thick snow. Speaking of which…

Martinselkonen in Finland can truly be described as a Winter Wonderland! Close to the Russian border, you’ll get a chance to get used to plowing your way through snow, if you’ve never done it before on a bike, before heading further afield to explore the part of the region known as the ‘Bear Kingdom.’ Don’t worry, they’ll all be hibernating!

When you’re not out conquering the chilly temperatures, why not warm up a bit in one of the saunas and enjoy the clearest starry skies at night?

Definitely a cycling holiday for those seeking a real sense of adventure, or those looking to dive head first into something completely new!

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Until then, keep planning your dream cycling holiday. And remember… we will cycle again!