5 Breathtaking Locations to Cycle When We Travel Again


5 Breathtaking Locations to Cycle When We Travel Again

The current global situation hasn’t exactly made it easy for cyclists to head out on the open road. In fact, right now too much outdoor activity is frowned upon, and rightly so. But that doesn’t mean we can’t look forward to better times ahead and start planning for the future!

There are so many spectacular locations all across Europe waiting to be explored by bike, and as soon as this blows over we know that cyclists, both amateur and professional, all over the world will be chomping at the bit to jump back in the saddle!

So if you’ve been planning the cycling holiday of a lifetime and had your plans unceremoniously derailed, here are 5 breathtaking locations to cycle when we travel again, for your consideration:

Lake Bled, Slovenia


Like something lifted straight out of a Hans Christian Anderson novel, Lake Bled in Slovenia is home to perhaps the most picturesque sight in all of Europe…

A glowing white church sits atop a lone island right in the centre of the Lake, which in turn is surrounded by some of the most glorious mountainous landscape in the country. It goes by many names; Officially it’s the Church of Mary the Queen, but many travelers and locals have begun referring to it by it’s more mythical name: Our Lady of the Lake.

Dating all the way back to the fifteen-hundreds, the Lake, the Island and the Lady of the Lake church itself is a must-see for view hunters and historians alike, and cyclists can take advantage of the various ready-made cycling trails surrounding the beautiful body of water.

Bavarian Lakes, Germany


As if we needed even more iconic lakes to talk about, the Free State of Bavaria in Germany is home to even more gorgeous lake and mountain views than our previous entry.

With some of the freshest, cleanest air you’ll find anywhere thanks to the abundance of wide-open green landscapes, Bavaria serves as one of the finest examples of traditional, classic towns and villages that have been perfectly preserved in their original style.

Lake Starnberg and Lake Riegsee are just some of the turquoise-blue waters you’ll be able to cycle along and enjoy at your pleasure. Perhaps with an icy-cold glass of Bavarian beer!

Lake Geneva, Switzerland


Long been considered the home of some of the world’s greatest remaining natural beauty, the cities of Switzerland have thrived over the years thanks to a booming economy and investment in preserving and restoring historic landmarks.

But these landmarks have nothing on the landscapes that are already waiting for the curious cyclists of Europe and beyond. Specifically, Lake Geneva. Located on the north side of the Alps, which themselves create the most sought-after mountain range to explorers the world over, the lake can be found directly on the border between Switzerland and France and is one of the largest of its kind.

With a plethora of varied activities and attractions scattered all along the lake’s shores, including plenty of open cycle trails, you’d be silly not to tick this one off your cycling bucket list one day.

Provence, France


Instantly recognisable thanks to its luscious fields of purple lavender, Provence earned its name thanks to the occupying Roman legions way back in the 2nd century BC. 

Cycling through these fields is like cycling through a land that was purposefully created to be enjoyed by cyclists, whereas in reality the region has been so well-kept thanks to excellent weather conditions and being purposefully avoided by modern architecture and building developers. Some things are better left alone!

Aside from the spectacular views, the region is also famous for some of the best food and wine in all of France. As if you needed another reason to cycle through!

Danube Cycle Path, Austria


The River Danube was once the epicenter of travel and trade in all of Europe; Used to transport essential goods as well as people from one end of Germany to the other side of Ukraine and from there even farther.

Today, it’s used for both transport and tourism purposes as it connects several major European cities including Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest amongst others.

But the banks of the river offer one of the most visually and aesthetically pleasing cycle routes there are to experience, particularly throughout the mountainous land of Austria.

An easy and relatively flat path, this one is perfect for the whole cycling family to enjoy!