How Does Cycling Improve Your Health and Wellbeing?


How Does Cycling Improve Your Health and Wellbeing?

“You go on holiday to have fun, not to work out!”

Well… why can’t it be both?

If you’re one of those people that actively enjoys physical exercise there’s absolutely no doubt you’d love heading off on a cycling holiday. Heck, you probably already have!

But despite being great for experiencing immense views, fitting in some much-needed exercise, and travelling the world, cycling holidays come hand in hand with all the amazing health and wellbeing benefits of the sport of cycling.

Here are a few you might not know about:


Your heart is literally the ticking clock that keeps your body running, so you’ll be happy to hear that cycling dramatically improves your heart’s overall function.

Not only does exercise through cycling help encourage regular blood flow and delivery of oxygen to vital organs, but it also takes steps in preventing the build-up of fatty deposits in your heart’s various valves and arteries.

These build-ups can lead to issues such as stroke, high blood pressure, and of course heart attacks. Keep those legs moving and that blood pumping!

So when you’re pedalling your way from Amsterdam to Paris, remember you’ll be doing your heart, your health, and your wellbeing a world of good!

Muscles & bones

Consistent use of particular muscles and body parts increases their overall strength and durability. This is not only true for your muscles but your bones also.

Obviously, cycling helps in building muscle and reinforcing bone density in the legs. But also activates other muscle groups like the abdominal muscles.

In other words, in the event of a stumble or fall, a cyclist is much less likely to suffer a significant break or muscle damage.

Weight Loss

“Lose weight?... On holiday?... What are you talking about?!”

Cycling is not only one of the most enjoyable forms of exercise and a great way to travel, it’s also an amazing form of exercise for weight loss.

Depending on certain factors, cycling is just as lucrative in calorie burning as any other form of exercise out there.

As we’ve discussed, through activating so many muscle groups you’ll be dropping pounds and toning your body as you go, keeping your overall health and wellbeing in excellent balance.


There’s no better way to increase your stamina than through regular, rigorous exercise.

Start off slow at the beginning, of course. But the more you exert yourself the more your body will become accustomed to higher levels of activity.

We’d recommending fitting in a good few hours of cycling before your holiday, just to make sure your body is up to scratch for the trip.

That way, when you do come face to face with a steep incline you’ll be more than prepared to tackle it head-on!

Speaking of steep inclines… if you consider yourself an experienced cyclist and are ready to step up to a new challenge, you’ll want to explore our rural routes cycling holidays!

Mental Health

This is always the one people find surprising, but for those in the know, it’s no surprise that alongside numerous physical benefits cycling also offers unbelievable psychological benefits too!

Through the release of pent-up energy, cycling helps those dealing with depression, anxiety, and a whole host of other mental ailments deal with their issues in a healthy and proactive manner.

Also, regular exercise has been shown to increase the production of certain hormones in the brain responsible for happiness and positive thinking, meaning cycling is actively combatting the symptoms of poor mental health.


There you have it! Now that you’re aware of some of the incredible health and wellbeing benefits of cycling and cycling holidays, what are you waiting for?

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