October 2019: Last-minute Cycling Getaways!


October 2019: Last-minute Cycling Getaways!

Let’s face it: We could all use a spontaneous break every now and again…

For us cyclists, when we’re feeling the need for speed, sometimes there’s nothing better that jumping on our bikes, donning our headgear and heading out on the open road for some much-needed exercise and escape.

But we are always limited to our usual cycling routes – round the block, nearby country lanes, anywhere we have access to.

And sometimes, this just doesn’t do the trick…

We wish we could be somewhere else. Somewhere exotic. Somewhere different.

Starting to sound familiar?

Well then, you’re in luck…

As October approaches, and the leaves fall at will from the trees, it’s the perfect time for cyclists to steer clear of the dreary weather.

At Freewheel Holidays we have a number of LAST-MINUTE CYCLING HOLIDAY GETAWAYS booking for October 2019 for you to feast your eyes and your wheels on!

Take a look at what we have available below. But be quick! These won’t last forever…

Loop of Majorca

Dive head-first into the rich history of Majorca as you’ve never seen it before! The countryside, quiet bays and steep cliffs are what await you – quite the difference from your usual Majorca beach holiday!


Austrian Lakes

Get a real taste of The Sound of Music as you explore the glorious land of Austria and the stunning bodies of water that make up its famous lakes and rivers. Some of the world’s most essential, natural landscape is within your grasp!


Florence to Rome

Two of the most iconic Italian cities in one? Talk about ‘two-birds-one-stone!’ Starting out in the Tuscan capital you’ll make your way through untouched Italian countryside and get to sample all the finest food and wine the country has to offer, before making it to the home of the Roman Empire.


Dolomites and Lake Garda

An UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Dolomites make up some of Italy’s and Europe’s most breath-taking mountain ranges. You’ll ride along dwarfing peaks and hills as far as the eye can see, as well as the classic Lake Garda – surrounded on all sides with undisturbed mountainous scenery.


Sicily Adventure

Situated right at the end of the famous Italian “boot”, the island of Sicily is one of the most sought-after Italian holiday experiences for explorers, and with good reason. Most of the baroque towns have been kept in their traditional image from hundreds of years before, making this a cycling holiday into the past you don’t want to miss!


Loire Valley Castles

There are still classical castles left in the world for you to visit, and you’ll find many of them in the tranquil Loire Valley in France. Home to over 200 castles, the Loire Valley will greet you with gorgeous vineyards, rolling green hills and some of the most famous food and wine produced in the entire country! Take advantage of these wonders from centuries passed.


Venice and Prosecco Lands

Love a good glass of prosecco? So do we! Come and explore the magnificent vineyards for yourself, where all the prosecco magic begins. Not only this, but you’ll get to pass through the world-famous “floating city” of Venice, cycling along some of the most iconic waterside views in the entire world.


Danube Cycle Path

The River Danube is one of the longest and most famous rivers on Earth. For thousands of years many different civilisations have used it for a whole host of uses including mapping, tracking and moving precious cargo. Now you can follow the exact same route as so many throughout history have done, on the freedom of two wheels!


For the full list of cycling holidays we have on last-minute offer for October 2019, click here.