Cycling Holidays - Cycling Around The Haspengouw

Cycling Around The Haspengouw


From £595 P/P

The Haspengouw region is lovely all year round! In this paradise for cyclists, you will find low hills, romantic castles, fertile farmland, woods, historical towns and of course orchards. Thanks to its moist, clay-rich soil, this is reputedly the largest centre of fruit production in Western Europe.

For some very different scenery you will briefly ride into the Campine region which still boasts some marshy areas and heath and into the 'Land of 1001 Ponds'.

On this tour, the roads and paths are flat to gently sloping and low in traffic. The start and finish of the holiday is in the friendly university town of Hasselt. Other towns you will discover are lovely Diest, Sint Truiden and Tienen.

Beer enthusiasts will enjoy a visit to Hoegaarden Brewery. Talking of beer, when in Flanders, don’t miss the opportunity to dine out on their famous beef and onion stew made with beer as the braising liquid. The dish is called Carbonnade. This is a holiday with something for everyone!

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