Cross-Border Holidays To Europe


Cross-Border Holidays To Europe

Our Top 5 Cross-Border Tours

Modern-day transportation has made travelling the world a lot easier, and more importantly a lot quicker to get from A to B. In the 1800’s it took at least 21 days to cross the Atlantic from Liverpool to New York, whereas nowadays you can jump on a flight and head downtown within 9 hours. With that our appetite for travel has changed. No longer are we content with just spending a week or two sat on the beach; we want excitement, exploration and adventure.

That includes not just visiting one place on our holidays but two, three or four. We aren’t just talking cities or town’s either – we’re talking different countries and crossing borders. At Freewheel Holidays, we offer an extensive range of cross-border holidays across Europe. Here are some of our favourites and the ones we think are well worth trying out!


Venice to Porec Cross-Border Cycling Holiday

Explore three countries in one week on this self-guided Venice to Porec cycling holiday between Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. The history of the Republic of Venice provides the background to the entire trip. From the enchanting city of Venice, pass by the beaches on the picturesque coastline up to the plains of Friuli and then continue to the fascinating town of Trieste. After a quick visit to Slovenia cycling along cycle paths through famous holiday resorts such as Koper, and later through the salt mine of Secovlje, you’ll cross into Croatia and continue on towards the beautiful Istrian coast where your trip will come to an end. There’s even the chance to return back to Venice by boat.


Prague to Dresden Cross-Border Cycling Holiday

Ride through the romantic river landscapes of the Czech Republic and Germany on this unique Prague to Dresden cross-border cycling holiday. Luckily for you, cycle paths link the two fascinating cities of Prague and Dresden, so there’s no need to go dodging traffic; just clear pathways where the bicycle is very much king. You’ll see the impressive mountains of the Elbe Valley and cycle through pretty villages, unspoilt countryside and vineyards. There may even be time for a drop or two of local vino. One thing is for sure, you’ll have plenty of time to explore the imposing city of Prague with its beautiful buildings and history, before the tour ends in Dresden, the rebuilt city with much of its baroque splendour now restored and looking better than ever.


Vienna to Budapest Cross-Border Cycling Holiday

If sight-seeing is your thing, then our Vienna to Budapest cross-border cycling holiday could be the one for you. You’ll cycle from Vienna to Budapest along the Danube Cycle Path on this self-guided holiday through Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. Explore Europe’s youngest capital, Bratislava as you stroll and cycle around some of Europe’s most fascinating cities, where you will have ample time to explore. Leave the urban environments behind to ride through amazing countryside, passing by pretty villages, national parks and cultural attractions before arriving in the beautiful city of Budapest where you will end your tour. A Vienna to Budapest cycling holiday is one of the most exhilarating experiences you will ever have.