Predicting cycling trends of the future


Predicting cycling trends of the future

Predicting the future is supposed to be impossible.

But, given the way current trends and opinions are going, we are able to gather a reasonable idea as to where we might be heading in the future.

With cycling this is never a given - one of the most rapidly growing and popular sports on the planet, much like the cyclists themselves, never stays still for too long and it can often be difficult to predict just where cycling as a sport will be ten, twenty or fifty years from now.

Still, with the information we have today and the tidal wave of cycling reading and reports available on the web, it's time to make an educated guess.

Here are just a few cycling predictions for the near future:

E Bikes

If you’re not in the know, E-Bikes (or electronic bikes) are bikes fitted with an added battery, offering an extra boost during pedalling to help move the cyclist forward with lesser effort than traditional bikes.

For the serious cyclist this might sound like a cop-out, but in actual fact E-Bikes are more popular now than they have ever been across the board.

Everybody from early amateurs to hardened professionals have been seen taking advantage of the ease-of-rideability E-Bikes offer their riders and many cycling holidaymakers choose to opt for the E-Bike when making their holiday decisions.

Our prediction is that they’re here to stay and they may even go on to become a credible threat to classic bikes in the future.

Some countries have even reported that sales of E-Bikes are catching up to, or have overtaken, sales of classic bikes, meaning we could be in for a serious shift in the market.

Watch this space!

The climate change argument

Given the amount of publicity offered to stories about climate change and the ever-looming threat it poses, it’s quite a surprise that more hasn't been done to thrust cycling into the limelight as a potential saviour to the carbon output catastrophe that’s surely on its way.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll be well aware that cycling is one of the most eco-friendly modes of transportation and many people choose to cycle their way to work for this very reason.

Add to this the incredible health benefits that come along with cycling and it wouldn’t be crazy to say that cycling could be the antidote to our current climate situation.

If the government is ready to get serious about climate change, offering people significant financial incentives to ride bicycles on a daily basis as opposed to driving to work in a gas-guzzling motor could be the way to go.

Competitive cycling continues to grow

Cycling truly is one of the greatest sports in the world.

Not just to participate in, but to view as well.

Nothing quite matches the feeling of exhilaration one feels seeing a team of speeding cyclists zoom their way down a steep decline, or power their way up an incline.

Current professional cyclists are starting to become superstars in their own right, which will no-doubt encourage the next generation of cyclists to don the helmet and take to the track.

And with competitive cycling events reaching a level of media exposure like we’ve never seen, with events like the iconic Tour de France being a particular highlight, there is absolutely no sign of the cycling ‘buzz’ dying down any time soon.

Fat Bikes

This is a tricky one, but it’s probably going to end up a safe bet!

Fat Bikes are robust bicycles designed to tackle even the toughest terrain that regular road bikes simply couldn't touch.

Their sturdy materials and larger than life wheels make them perfect for trudging through deep mud, sticky snow and a whole host of other nast environmental factors.

As a tool, they’re incredibly useful. As a pastime, they're even more fun!

The feeling of power that comes with manning a mode of transportation like a Fat Bike really can’t be matched - they’re the ultimate go-to cycling juggernaut.

They might be a bit more difficult to handle than traditional bikes, but the benefits far outweigh the faults.

Besides, when did that ever stop anybody?

In short, Fat Bikes are on the rise. Look out for them in a muddy field near you. 

Cycling Holiday Boom

If you’re a regular cyclist, or even a total amateur just starting out, and you’ve never experienced a cycling holiday, they really can’t come recommended enough.

A great way to experience a new location and fit in some much needed exercise, you’ll soon find out why they’re the most fun you can have on two wheels!

Everything from dazzling lakes and glorious mountain ranges, to bike & barge trips for the best of both land and water, there’s virtually no end to the amount of fun that can be had on a cycling holiday.

Great for flying solo, couples and the whole family, we’re predicting cycling holidays are only going to get bigger, better & more popular.

At Freewheel Holidays, we’re positive our catalogue of awesome cycling holidays will be more than enough temptation for you to take the first steps on your cycling adventure.

Check out what we have on offer or feel free to get in touch and we’ll help find the right cycling holiday for you!