Cycling Holidays - Prague to Vienna

Prague to Vienna


Czech Republic

From £670 P/P

From the Golden City Prague to the old imperial city Vienna - this bicycle tour connects two of the most beautiful metropolises in Europe. On your journey, you will ride through both virgin and cultivated landscapes. Lush meadows and deep green forests will give way to small, idyllically situated Bohemian villages. You will pass by numerous castles and palaces and cycle through pristine river and pond landscapes.

The hilly southern Bohemian region and the “Waldviertel” in Lower Austria will put you to the test, but a good Budweiser beer is sure to make up for any exertions along the way. The courses of the rivers Vltava, Kamp and Danube will guide you for large portions of this tour. The landscapes and attractions on this route promise a refreshing break from everyday life and are sure to delight all.

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