Cycling Holidays - Discover Portugal


Cycling Holidays - Discover Portugal

There are few locations in all of Europe that are more popular with holidaymakers than sunny Portugal.

One of the oldest nation-states in the world, Portugal is responsible for influencing both Spanish and European culture as a whole over the centuries. But while Portugal is super-popular with those seeking a sun, sea, and sand type of holiday, did you know it’s also an incredible location for a cycling holiday, too?

At Freewheel Holidays, we’re proud to offer some of the best value-for-money cycling holidays in Europe on the market today. Of course, these include cycling holidays to beautiful Portugal!

Take our Madeira Flowers and Coast cycling holiday, for example. The island might be over 1000km away from the Portuguese mainland, but it’s still very much enriched by the Portuguese culture, history, and locals.

You’ll be treated to panoramic views aplenty as you ride along many of the roads that make up key travel routes on the island. Madeira is home to some stunning parks and gardens, which you’ll get to explore as you move from one exceptional location to the next.

But, of course, Madeira isn’t exactly known for being a flat surface… There are several breathtaking mountainous terrains you’ll encounter on your cycling holiday in Madeira, which is when our travel transfers will be available to help you out. Not before you’ve taken in the gorgeous cliffside views though!

However, a cycling holiday with “Flowers” in the title wouldn’t be worth much if there weren’t plenty of inspiring plant life to gaze at. If you’re a fan of all things flora and fauna, this is definitely the cycling holiday for you!

It’ll be especially enticing if you’re an avid photographer or photo enthusiast. Year-round, many avid snap-takers take advantage of the warm and sunny climate to capture some of the views (and plant life) that make the island famous.

The fragrant forests and traditional Portuguese villages you’ll run into will give you the scenery and some epic photo opportunities you won’t want to miss!

Early on in your trip, you’ll get to stop off at the iconic Porto De Cruz to explore the picturesque, cliffside beaches that have been formed over thousands of years using volcano sand. Yes, you read that right!

Or how about the gorgeous coastal town of Sao Vicente? Named after St Vincent - an important figure in Christian history - the town is naturally home to the instantly recognizable Sao Vicente Chapel; A small chapel house literally built into the side of a huge piece of coastal rock!

Plus, there are the wondrous Sao Vicente Caves - underground coves and paths that have been formed by mother nature over millennia.

But don’t let any of this distract you die-hard cycling lovers from just how sensational of a cycling holiday destination Madeira really is. Whether you’re looking for more of a tourist experience or wanting to put your legs and feet to good cycling use, the Madeira Flowers and Coast cycling holiday shall not disappoint!


If this sounds like a cycling holiday of interest - and it definitely should! - give us a call on 0161 703 8161 and we’ll help you get ready for the Madeira cycling holiday of a lifetime!