Cycling Holidays for Beer Lovers


Cycling Holidays for Beer Lovers

Cycling and Beer are two things that don’t usually find themselves together in a sentence. But it just so happens that countless cycling enthusiasts happen to be beer lovers, too… aren’t we all? Which is why Freewheel Holidays’ Cycling Holidays for beer lovers make such a welcome addition to our already exceptional lineup of European cycling holidays!

So if you’re the type of person that enjoys a cold, crisp beer after (or during!) a long day of exciting cycling and exploring, here’s why you should consider some of our cycling holidays for beer lovers… courtesy of Freewheel Holidays!

Broaden your beer horizons

There are two types of beer drinkers: Those of us who drink any and every beer, simply for the enjoyment of it. And those of us who seek out unique and alternative beers, to give ourselves a true flavour of different countries and methods of brewing.

Well, our cycling holidays for beer lovers will suit both tastes! But more specifically the latter. You’ll be able to cycle some of the best beer-producing regions of our selected country while sampling the foamy beverages that made them famous along the way.

Hoppy? Punchy? Light? Bubbly? Citrusy? Whatever your desired beer profile, there will be something for you too enjoy on your several stop-offs from cycling.

Multiple countries

As with many people who regularly enjoy cycling holidays, much of the experience is all about getting to explore your country of choice. Or, if you have the opportunity, multiple countries across the course of your trip.

Our cycling holidays for beer lovers also let you tackle two birds with one stone! Specifically, our Trappist Beer Route, which will let you and your wheels travel through the iconic beer-producing country of Belgium - renowned worldwide for producing the most exceptional beer known to man - and the Netherlands, who have a beer history all of their own.

As well as the major cities on your route, like Antwerp for example, the quaint villages on your route will also be home to a whole host of local and regional beers, making you spoilt for choice. Whether it’s a national brand, or something a little more “homemade” there will be something to tickle your beer fancy here.

Go for the beer, stay for the cycling routes

The beer might be a main focus here, but we can’t forget about the cycling! It’s a pleasant coincidence that these amazing beer-producing regions are also home to some mind-blowing cycling routes.

For example, our Flemish Beer Tour lets you soak up the glorious roaming fields of Flanders in Belgium as you work your way through numerous traditional Belgian towns and 400 original variations of Beer that find their home in Belgium… yes, there’s that many!

On top of this, Belgium is also home to countless examples of traditional European architecture, in the form of churches, cathedrals and so much more.

So if you have a taste for both beer and cycling, why haven’t you booked yet?! Our cycling holidays for Beer lovers will be the most enriching - and hydrating - experience you’ve ever had on two wheels.

You can take a look at all our available cycling holidays for beer lovers here.

Or call 0161 703 8161, and we’ll be happy to talk you through whatever holiday you have your eye on!