5 Cycling Holidays for View Hunters!


5 Cycling Holidays for View Hunters!

Exercise, exploration and ultimate enjoyment are just some of the reasons people just like you choose to embark on cycling holidays every day.

But, for many, the most appealing factor of their getaway is the chance to sample some of the most breath taking views on their travels.

If this description fits you like a glove and you too are seeking the perfect cycling holiday, here are five brilliant cycling holidays for view hunters:

Dolomites and Lake Garda

Out of all the beautiful views our world has to offer, if it ends up being listed as an UNESCO world heritage site, you can be sure it’s well worth seeing. The Dolomites are one such view.

Situated on the North East of Italy, the mountains’ highest peak stands at an impressive 3,343 metres tall and stretches for many miles.

Our cycling holiday to these magnificent peaks starts at the heart of the mountain range and follows along the glorious River Adige, through numerous villages, eventually culminating in the wondrous Italian city of Verona seven days later if you choose to stay for the duration of the trip.

Lake Bled to Venice

The very name of the city of Venice has become synonymous with unmatched beauty, so this really is a trip you can’t afford to miss.

But, you’d be forgiven for not being aware of the mystifying Lake Bled in Slovenia, where your journey will start.

Like something lifted straight out of a fairy tale, a single island with a church stands alone at the centre, flanked by a magnificent white clifftop castle.

From here you will continue through the Julian Alps, taking in countless sights as you go, before crossing over into Italy eventually arriving in Portogruaro - one of the main centres in the period of the Serenissima Republic of Veniceâ.

Simply stunning from beginning to end.

Swiss lakes and mountains

One of the most awe-inspiring landscapes on the planet, the Swiss Alps have been delighting tourists, skiers and mountaineers for centuries.

With our cycling holiday you will stay at the hotel Interlaken, nestled between two lakes at the heart of the Alps.

Each day you will combine cycling and rail journeys to experience all the wonders the Alps have to offer first hand, including the town of Zermatt at the base of the mighty Matterhorn Mountain.

Definitely one for the mountain lovers!

Florence to Rome

On this cycle holiday you’ll get the chance to experience two of the most picturesque cities in Italy and all of the delightful views that are scattered along the way!

You’ll start out with a short train ride to Arezzo where you can start exploring the various beautiful trails around the area, surrounded by hills and mountains.

Plentiful fields, jaw-dropping classic cathedrals and seven days later you will arrive at the centre of Italian culture and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world – Rome.

Don’t forget about all the delicious food and wine you’ll get to sample along the route!

An experience of the real Italy.

Bavarian Lakes

Want to become one with nature? We’ve got a real treat for you.

The many lakes of Bavaria in Germany offer some of the most relaxing scenery and tranquil locations you could ever ask for.

Between lakes, you’ll get the chance to take in some of the quaintest villages in all of Germany, many of which are still comprised of traditional German building and architecture.

Plus, with just a few short climbs overall, your body will thank you for avoiding unnecessary strain.

Once all is said and done, you can return home or extend your stay with a trip to Munich. It’s up to you!

All of the above cycling holidays with the very best views money can buy are available to book through our website. Click here for more information.