Cycling Holidays to Keep Warm Over Xmas!


Cycling Holidays to Keep Warm Over Xmas!

Christmas is everybody’s favourite time of year! (Well, almost everybody!)

But what can be a time of festive fun and excitement for most can be a dreaded time for others.

Why? Those of us who have a keen hatred for colder climates never enjoy when the winter chill finally hits. And it just so happens December is one of the coldest months on the calendar.

Go figure!

It can be a difficult time for cyclists too – some winter weather conditions can be so off-putting, especially heavy rain or deep snow.

With this in mind, if you’re a cycling enthusiast and want to escape the winter chill for a while, here are just a few cycling holidays to keep you warm over Xmas!


A classic beach holiday destination, Lanzarote welcomes thousands of tourists from all over the world looking to catch some sun and fit in some much needed relaxation each and every year.

But what those people don’t know is that the small Spanish island is a cracking cycling holiday destination, too!

Cyclists can enjoy visiting some classic Spanish towns, many of which have retained much of the traditional architecture that is hundreds of years old.

And as they ride from town to town, they’ll also get to witness first-hand the vast, barren landscape that makes the plains of Lanzarote such an immense sight.

Plus, much of the remnants from volcanic eruptions back in the 18th century are still visible for all to see – you could end up cycling through the former sight of a lava flood!

Add to this the fact that December temperatures rarely drop below fourteen degrees C and you’ve got a winter-warmer cycling holiday that you can’t afford to miss!

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Algarve Coast to Coast

Another hot location (pun intended) the Algarve in Portugal has been pleasing sun-seekers for many years since its explosion in popularity in the sixties.

Tourism from England and the UK began the tourism craze in the Algarve, but it was quickly followed by other central European countries before becoming a universally beloved tourist destination. This is most likely thanks to the sunny climate and competitive prices.

Our Algarve cycling holiday literally takes you from one coast to another, starting at Vila Real de Santo Antonio on the Spanish border and ending at Cabo de Sao Vicente (Sagres) in the west.

You’ll get to cycle through the best of both worlds; From quaint fishing villages and stunning vineyards to Vilamoura with its stretch of luxury yachts and classy bars and restaurants to view and enjoy at your leisure.

Best of all the temperature in December tends to stay above ten degrees Celsius, meaning you’ll stay both warm and entertained on your holiday!

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Madeira Flowers and Coast

Back to sunny Portugal we go!

The island of Madeira has long been a popular choice for tourists looking to see a different side to Portugal and Portuguese culture. Given that it is a considerable distance from the mainland, it makes total sense the island would have its own unique traits and traditions.

As our title may suggest the route you’ll take on this Portugal cycling holiday will take you through some of the most beautiful and exotic flora and fauna.

But the coastal views are the real highlight of this trip; rocky cliff faces and crashing waves that create a gentle sea breeze make this a location worth visiting year-round.

However, with steady temperature topping out at around thirteen degrees C in December, there’s no excuse not to make this your next winter getaway.

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