Are Cycling Holidays your New Year's Resolution?


Are Cycling Holidays your New Year's Resolution?

How many of us actually stick to our New Year’s Resolutions?

We have so many amazing ideas about how to make changes to our lives for the better in the new year. But by mid to late January, most of them have flown straight out the window!

Don’t worry… you’re not alone!

But New Year’s Resolutions don’t need to be anything repetitive or stretched over a longer period of time - taking a well-deserved holiday, for example, is just as good of a resolution as any.

If you love cycling, you should really consider cycling holidays as one of your resolutions, especially if you’ve never been before!

Here are just a few reasons why you should make cycling holidays your New Year’s Resolution in 2020:

New Year, new you!

The New Year is a great opportunity to try new things and redefine our own direction.

If you feel like you haven’t been getting enough exercise this past 12 months, or maybe you feel like you simply haven’t challenged yourself as much as you could have, cycling holidays could be a great place to start!

At Freewheel Holidays we have a wide range of European cycling holidays at all different ability levels, so there’s bound to be something suited to you.

So if cycling holidays sound like your ideal change of pace, take a look at all the incredible trips we have to offer here.

The health factor

We all know that regular exercise is good for us - just about every doctor on the planet recommends it!

But did you know that cycling in particular is a great way to boost your overall health and conditioning?

Imagine that - go on holiday and stay healthy at the same time!

Not only is cycling one of the top cardio workouts, as opposed to it’s closest cousin Running, it’s also the ideal low-impact workout for those looking to burn those extra calories without the risk of joint damage.

Plus, it’s a heck of a lot of fun! Time tends to fly by, especially when you’re on cycling holidays, so you might be too taken with your new surroundings to realise you’re making yourself fit as a fiddle!

Now, speaking of new surroundings…


How many times have you said to yourself:

“I’d love to visit *Insert new country.* I’m definitely going there this year!”

and then never take the leap?

Well… this is the year to make it happen!

Not only do cycling holidays allow you to visit a country you’ve always dreamed of travelling to, they also allow you to explore the country in a much more in-depth nature than if you were travelling by car or train.

With cycling, you can stop off at countless interesting and engaging points along your route to get a true taste of your new favourite location.

You don’t get that with a beach holiday!

Share the experience

You might enjoy spending some quiet time away from others every now and again.

But sharing your travels with others makes for such a more enriching experience. And this couldn’t be better suited to cycling holidays.

Bringing along your partner, or even the whole family, will transform your trip from a lone rider ordeal to a full-blown cycling adventure!

You could make someone else's year even more special (and maybe even tackle someone elses New Year’s Resolutions too!) inviting others along to share the experience with you.

Sound like an opportunity too good to miss? You can see some of our cycling holidays best suited for families here.

Embracing culture

For all the exceptional benefits travel can have, including all the ones we’ve discussed above, one that often seems to get overlooked is the ability to become immersed in the culture of a new country.

There are countless different cultures, traditions and regional customs you might be yet to discover in person. Perhaps some you’ve never even heard of!

But cycling holidays give us the chance to get up-close and personal with different ways of living.

For example, you might find ways of living to be totally different in a place like Finland, which often experiences up to 24 hours of sunlight each and every day! As you can imagine, this would lead to some noticeable cultural differences.

Or how about sampling the delightful fresh seafood of Portugal? A national staple thanks to the abundance of nearby ocean wildlife?

Wherever you choose to go, there’s always new ways of living and thinking to be discovered, embraced and appreciated.

So, if you’ve finally made the decision that cycling holidays should undoubtedly be part of your New Year’s Resolution list (well done you!) check out our holiday listings, or get in touch and make this year you really go for it!