Freewheel - Steppes and Marshes (Nida valley cycling)

Steppes and Marshes (Nida valley cycling)

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The Ponidzie region - It offers a wonderful contrast to the mountain landscapes: authentic, rural Poland with quiet, flat country roads ideal for cycling.

Ponidzie is commonly described as a sparsely inhabited part of the Nida River valley 70 km northeast of Krakow. The Nida forms a small and marshy inland delta providing a natural wonder of a different calling about 50 to 100 m high gypsum hills that are overgrown with unusual steppe vegetation. These include wild blue flax flowers and graceful feather grasses that are a favourite subject for photographers. In the Ponidzie region you can enjoy the serene nature and picturesque villages with no interruption from busy roads making it an attractive place for leisure cycling holidays. Small karst lakes and old gypsum depressions frequent the area giving plenty of opportunities to have a leisurely swim. On your trip you will encounter two small spa towns, Busko and Solec which are famous for their mineral water and therapeutic mud.