Cycling Holidays - Rail Travel


Cycling Holidays - Rail Travel

Cycling is one of the oldest and most exciting ways to explore any area, any country, in virtually any part of the world. There are few sights, sights, sounds and experiences that aren’t improved by viewed from the ease of two wheels.

But at Freewheel Holidays, we like to think we know a thing or two about travel. Which is why we’re aware, sometimes, it’s good to mix-and-match when it comes to cycling holidays. We know cycling is without a doubt the best way to get around! But that doesn’t mean we don’t have a little enthusiasm reserved for another mode of transport too… Rail Travel!

Trains completely revolutionized travel and the travel industry all over the world, allowing us to reach destinations in a matter of minutes or hours, as opposed to days or weeks, as it was previously.

Plus, rail travel has seen a resurgence in recent years! With train lovers seeking out some of the best rail routes, classic trains and can’t-miss pieces of rail travel history, trains have become a passion in and of themselves. We’re sure there are plenty of you who love both cycling and rail travel, right?

Well, that’s why we wanted to offer you the best of both worlds! Here are some of our favorite cycling holidays which also incorporate some exceptional train rides and rail routes:

Lake Como and the Bernina Pass

Encapsulating the very finest views Switzerland and Italy have to offer, those looking to really broaden their cycling and rail travel horizons won’t want to miss out on our Lake Como and the Bernina Pass cycling holiday.

This seven-night adventure lets you sample the stunning Lake Como in all its glory, as well as plenty of other landscapes you’ll get to soak up and you ride on by.

The iconic Bernina Express will take you through the marvelous Swiss Alps, before dropping you off at the breathtaking ski resort in St Moritz.

You’ll get to cycle through Medieval villages and witness some truly classic architecture en route, much of which has remained unchanged form its original design.

Once you’ve experienced the magic of Switzerland, you’ll ride into Italian territory at Val Bregaglia, where your Italian cycling adventure begins!

But this is barely scratching the surface of what you’ll get to see and do… find out more about this exceptional cycling holiday here.

Vennbahn Rail Trail

Four countries in one? You must be joking!

Well, it’s true! The Vennbahn Rail Trail lets you ride through regions of Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, all in one miraculous cycling adventure!

But it wouldn’t be a cycling holiday for rail fans without an actual train, right?

In this case, the cycling route itself is an iconic rail line! Covering 125km of breathtaking landscapes, villages and more.

For over a century, Vennbahn acted as an essential carrier of coal and similar provisions throughout Luxembourg territories. Deactivated towards the end of the 1980s, the rail line now serves as one of the must-see attractions for both train lovers and cycling lovers alike! 

Finishing in the classically gothic German city of Aachen, with its unmistakable world-famous cathedral, this cycling holiday always proves to be a favourite for both new cyclists and veterans alike.

Plus, with its relatively low incline of only 2 percent, this cycling holiday is ideal for those looking to stretch their cycling legs on a relaxed cycling getaway. Perfect for any experience level! 

You can find out more about the Vennbahn Trail here. Or give us a call on 0161 703 8161 and let's see if we can help find the perfect cycling holiday for you!