Cycling in Cities: Where To Try This Summer


Cycling in Cities: Where To Try This Summer

We all know how popular city breaks have become at the minute, in fact, ABTA research suggested that city breaks continued to be the nation’s favourite holiday type in 2017, with over half the population taking one.

Places like Paris, Barcelona and Venice have swapped their tags as dream destinations and turned into Europe’s hot spots for a few days away from the strains and stresses of everyday life in the UK.

However, they often involve lots of walking and that means wearing through plenty of shoes, which is no good for anybody. Here at Freewheel Holidays, we think we have the answer to that problem and that’s our fantastic range of city cycling holidays. We’ve got all the popular European cities covered, but as a little treat, we’ve picked out our best cities for cycling.


Pisa to Siena City Cycling Holidays

Nothing quite says summer like a trip to Italy. The warm weather, the food, the drink and everything else in between is quite simply spectacular.

Just think of that picture postcard scenery. The region of Tuscany may well give you that image better than anywhere else, which is why our Pisa to Siena cycling trip has two of the best cities for cycling included, giving you your own taste of the Italian Renaissance.

Starting in Pisa, with its world-famous tower and its magnificent baptistery, this tour will take you along a stretch of the Via Francigena, the medieval pilgrimage route from Canterbury to Rome. Following in the footsteps of the medieval pilgrims, you will go through extraordinary landscapes in the middle of rolling hills, scattered with castles, fortresses and abbeys.

After crossing San Miniato, a place much beloved by emperors and popes, located in the Arno Valley, you will finally reach Siena, with its wonderful square made famous by its unique horse race called ‘Palio di Siena’.

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Prague to Vienna City Cycling Trip

When the phrase ‘city holiday’ comes to mind, the spectacular locations of Prague and Vienna seem to be mentioned most often. It seems that everybody is jetting off there for a weekend away at the minute, but did you know that they are also two of the best cities for cycling?

Our Prague to Vienna cycling holiday can prove just that as you follow the Greenways bike trail through this beautiful part of the world. For the first part of the trail from Prague to Cesky Krumlov, you can sit back and relax as you will travel by minibus or car. However, if you are eager to get in the saddle there is always the option of cycling the 26 km long round trip up to Klet hill from Cesky Krumlov on the first day.

From there, you will travel through the lands of the Trebon ponds, and through the woods on the border with Austria called Czech Canada. We even throw in the chance for you to visit the Renaissance towns of Trebon and Telc. That is what we call cycling in cities.

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Amsterdam to Paris City Cycling Tour

We couldn’t write a blog about city cycling holidays without talking about what we can only describe as the dream bike ride through Europe. That is, of course, our Amsterdam to Paris city cycling holiday, two of arguably the most acclaimed cities for cycling in Europe, if not the world.

Packed with world-famous buildings and museums like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, you’ll pass through no less than three countries, namely France, Belgium and Holland. In between famous and beautiful towns like Gouda, Antwerp and Ghent you will be cycling through a varied landscape.

You get to experience great cycling in the European cycling paradise of Holland with water, windmills and perfect cycle paths. Medieval cities and villages await in Belgium, not to mention the great food, beer and chocolate. Then of course, it’s into France with its spectrum of food and wine through stretches of lush countryside.

Cycling in cities has never felt so good! Fancy swapping the walking shoes for the bicycle on your next city break? Then give our cycling experts Steven and Simon a call to discuss all the finer details about booking your city cycling holidays today.