Cycling Through Culture: Denmark


Cycling Through Culture: Denmark

Few would immediately think of Denmark when considering a cycling holiday, but cycling holidays in Denmark actually offer some of the most vibrant cycling routes in the world.

In fact there are countless factors that make Denmark a must-visit, though the country is often overlooked as a major tourist destination.

Specifically, if you’re looking to engage your brain, a visit to Denmark can’t be understated.

Danish minds are responsible for some of the most important scientific discoveries in history, so much so that the country as a whole is thought of as a progressive innovator.

Physicists like Niels Bohr (born in Copenhagen), whose research and contributions to atomic structure and quantum theory offered us an immeasurably important picture into how the universe works, are hailed as heroes of science.

In more modern times, proud Danes have helped create some of the most commonly used technology of today, including Skype and Google Maps to name but a few.

With such lofty contributions under their belt, you’d be fair in assuming the Danes might not be the most sociable of people as they’d be too busy focusing on more pressing tasks. Right?

Well, you’d be 100% wrong!

In fact, people in Denmark are said to be some of the most pleasant, polite and helpful in all of Europe to the point where it’s become a national staple of Danish identity.

So when you’re on your cycling holiday in Denmark, be sure to keep a smile on your face!

You will experience plenty of strong handshakes during your stay. And, if you choose to visit during the right months, you may even get to fully experience what the Danes call “Hygge.”

Hygge is a feeling of cosiness and warmth while enjoying good food with friends or loved ones, and is best experienced during the festive season.

Something else you’ll no-doubt want to experience during the festive season is Danish cuisine. Although, the food is pretty delicious year round!

Smørrebrød is an iconic piece of Danish cooking. In literal terms, it can be described as an “open sandwich” – a piece of bread (usually Rye) topped with various meats, veggies, cheeses or spreads.

It may sound boring, but when it comes to presentation Smørrebrød is usually given the A* treatment to make it look as visually appealing as possible.

For a more hearty meal, Frikadeller are a national favorite – pan fried Danish meatballs made with whatever ground meat you like!

And at Christmas, Denmark’s version of Roast Pork and crackling ‘Flæskesteg’ is to die for.

So be sure to stop off and experience good-quality Danish food during your cycling holiday in Denmark.

But before Christmas and Christianity took hold in Denmark, a totally different religious ideology had taken shape.

Between the 8th and 10th century the Viking Age was in full swing and these Norsemen called Denmark (including the neighbouring Funen Island) and the surrounding Scandinavian region their home.

These explorers raided and traded across numerous countries and even conquered parts of England at one time.

These larger than life characters might appear to be mythical in their depictions today, but they were indeed very real.

Having said this, other larger than life characters have become engrained in Danish tradition in the form of folklore.

A major part of Danish history and culture, these tales were passed down from generation to generation and spawned from the minds of such great authors as Hans Christian Anderson.

Trolls, Elves, Demons and more can be fold in Danish tales of old, some of which are actually borrowed from Norse Mythology.

Plus, what kind of a folk culture would Denmark claim to have if traditional dress and music weren’t part of the experience?  Both of which can still be found during particular Danish celebrations today.

But we’re barely scratching the surface of what makes Denmark an interesting, essential member of the global community.

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