Cycling Through Culture in Portugal


Cycling Through Culture in Portugal

Portugal might be recognised as one of the most football-mad countries in Europe, but there’s so much more to the local culture that makes Portugal an essential holiday destination.

Freewheel Holidays offers awe-inspiring cycling holidays in Portugal so you can really get to grips with one of the most culturally interesting and breathtakingly beautiful countries in the world.

The most obvious reason people choose to visit the Southern European country is the glorious weather.

Even in winter when the country experiences a particularly wet season, temperatures will hit the 16 degree Celsius mark through the rain.

In the summer months, an average temperature of 25 degrees is common and is often met with a lovely cool breeze to match the heat (especially if you're riding along the Algarve Coast - there's nothing better than a soothing sea breeze to motivate you) making for the perfect holiday and travel conditions whatever your natural climate.

Temperatures can reach as high as 40 degrees in the most intense of heat, though. So be sure to keep your clothing lightweight with plenty of water, shade, and rest to cool you down effectively. Especially if you’re out and about on a cycling holiday in Portugal!

But whatever the weather, nothing will keep the Portuguese people from enjoying a good game of football!

A national staple with good reason, Portugal has enjoyed unmitigated success in football on a local, national and international level for decades.

Lisbon, the Portuguese capital, is home to two of the three major teams in the country, and kickabouts are a common sight amongst Portuguese children and adults alike!

In modern times, superstar players like Cristiano Ronaldo have maintained and elevated the sports’ popularity to the masses thanks to his impeccable talent on the field.

Interestingly, with all the talent Portugal has in its international team, it has never actually won a world cup! Something they will surely be looking to remedy in the tournaments to come.

Sport in all its forms is popular in Portugal and the nation as a whole seems to be very sport and competition-orientated.

What may come as quite a shock is that Portugal is in fact the leading country in Rink Hockey with 15 world championships under their belt!

Strange isn’t it?

What’s not strange is the Portuguese and Portugal’s tourists’ love affair with the local cuisine.

No surprise to anyone, Portugal benefits greatly from a whole plethora of glorious seafood fished fresh from the coast.

It’s so much of a national obsession that Portugal consumes more seafood per year than any other European country. Even more than some countries combined!

Classic dishes like Bacalhau – which is cod – have become a staple thanks to its simplicity and adaptability. It can be cooked and served in a never-ending list of ways.

Shellfish like prawns and lobsters are also favourites and can be served with any number of salads, fruits, vegetables, or sauces.

That’s the beauty of seafood – it’s some of the most versatile and diverse food you’ll ever eat!

What you might not know is Portugal is also famous for having a diverse musical background.

Folk, classical, rock, hip hop, and much more all have their place in Portuguese music history.

But one that always tends to stand out is Fado.

Fado is a genre of music that has been around for hundreds of years and was popularised in the 1800s.

It’s often linked with themes of mournfulness, sadness, and unfortunate circumstance.

Essentially, Portugal’s answer to the blues.

But you needn’t feel blue when you’re out and about roaming the magnificent Portuguese villages and hillsides.

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