Cycling Through Culture in Poland


Cycling Through Culture in Poland

Poland is one of those European countries that’s almost never at the top of anyone’s travel bucket list.

Yet, when people finally visit Poland, they realize just how much of an interesting and awe-inspiring country it truly is.

With a rich history that helped shape the history of Europe as a whole, as well as countless other fascinating cultural points to note, you really can’t sleep on Poland when it comes to choosing your next adventure abroad.

This is especially true for cycling holidays as well! Unbeknownst to some, Poland is home to some of the most gorgeous countrified views Europe has to offer. As well as some of the most visually striking towns and cities to be explored.

So if you’re on the lookout for your next cycling holiday, you should definitely consider Poland! 

At Freewheel Holidays we have a number of exceptional cycling holidays in Poland on offer. But before you depart, here are a few things you might want to know before you go cycling through culture in Poland:

Polish history is filled with conflict

Everybody knows just how deeply impacted Poland was during the Second World War, with many of its major landmarks being damaged or destroyed completely at the hands of The Third Reich. Not to mention the countless innocents who lost their lives.

But Poland’s history of conflict actually stretches back centuries, with the country having to fight for its own freedom over 40 times.

Most notably of which when Catherine the Great of Russia invaded and successfully wiped Poland off the world map for over 100 years! It was only in 1918, in the wake of the First World War, that Poland finally regained independence and became a recognised state once again.

Traditional Polish food is hearty and heavy

If you’re a lover of deliciously rich and car-heavy meals, you’re going to love eating in Poland!

The country’s cuisine is stacked full of succulent meats (most notably chicken, beef, and pork) as well as a whole host of delectable bread and pastries that are to die for.

Pierogi is a popular Polish dish that’s managed to transcend borders. They are dumplings made with thin layers of pastry, filled with seasonal ingredients. Usually meat, sauerkraut, and mushrooms, but fruits are added for a sweeter touch when they’re in season and they’re almost always served at Christmas.

Bigos is another great example of Polish ingenuity when it comes to food. Utilizing simple, easy-to-obtain ingredients like sauerkraut, cabbage, and various meats and sausage, everything is mixed together and served as a hearty broth that’s sure to fire you up after a long day of cycling.

Poland is a very religious country

Religion as a whole might have fallen slightly over the course of the last century in Europe, but Poland remains a very religious and religiously influenced country. Especially when compared to its neighbours.

With a staggering 87% of the overall population identifying as Roman Catholic, you can be sure the church’s influence can be felt in every town, village, and city.

Speaking of churches, there are many glorious churches, cathedrals, and other architectural feats to be enjoyed in Poland. Including the famous St Mary’s Basilica in Krakow - a must-see for those interested in classic gothic buildings.


But all of the above is barely even scratching the surface of what Poland has to offer cyclists. To find out more about the wonderful cycling land that is Poland, and to browse Freewheel’s available cycling holidays in Poland, click the link here.

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“Do widzenia!”