Cycling Through Czech Culture


Cycling Through Czech Culture

One of the most popular locations in all of Europe for tourism, the Czech Republic has firmly established itself as a one of the most envied countries of modern times thanks to booming industry, a stable economy and universal health care for all citizens.

It’s also one of the more picturesque countries you're ever likely to see, both for its glorious landscapes and exceptionally built towns and cities.

Freewheel Holidays offer cycling holidays in Czech Republic that let you experience the best of both worlds. But it might be worth brushing up on a few bits of knowledge about the Czech Republic before you head off…

For example, did you know that the Czech Republic has one of the lowest religious communities in all of Europe?

Which is surprising considering the level of dominance Catholicism and other denominations of Christianity have experienced in that area.

In fact, according to a 2011 survey, little over 10% of Czechs identify as Roman Catholic, with a whopping 44% and 35% respectively identifying as indifferent or non-religious.

However, despite this, the remnants of more religious times are still prevalent in the country through some of its stunning Christian architecture.

Much of which you will find in the country’s capital city – Prague.

The centre of the Czech Republic’s tourism industry, Prague is a European tourism behemoth pulling in well over 8 million visitors per year. No wonder cycling holidays in Czech Republic have become so popular!

The architecture certainly is something to be admired – the St. Vitus Cathedral at the city’s centre is one of the most photographed cathedrals in the world -  but there’s so much more that makes Prague a can’t-miss destination.

A deep history dating farther back than Roman times makes it an essential stop on any history buff’s adventure, while the modern sense of culture and development in post-WWII Europe and the 21st Century makes it a great getaway for those looking for the more modern touch.

One of the most beautiful cities in the world and, based on the current exchange rate, a very reasonably priced one too.

Taking this into consideration, one thing you absolutely must take advantage of during your visit to the capital city is the vibrant and varied cuisine.

Czech food is traditionally very soup and sauce-based, with soups making up a large segment of the national diet.

The most iconic of which is likely Kulajda (pronounced Ku-Lay-Dah).

It’s an indulgently creamy potato soup, often topped with mushrooms and a poached egg.

The breaking of the egg allows the rich yolk to seep into the dish, offering one of the most delicious, delectable soups imaginable.

On the dessert side of things (another area of the food hierarchy the Czechs are famous for) one traditional Czech sweet treat you absolutely must try is the Kolac.

With many variants, Kolac is usually a rounded dough (not dissimilar to a doughnut) filled with different types of jam or cream.

These used to be reserved for special events, but you can find them in pretty much any decent Czech pastry shop year-round.

But, if there’s any specific time of year the Czechs take their food seriously, it’s Christmas!

Every year, Christmas dinner consists of numerous courses encapsulating the Czech cuisine all in one meal.

A hearty potato salad and/or soup is almost always on the menu, as you can imagine given what we’ve already discussed about the Czech diet.

But the star of the show is always the fresh Carp!

It may sound strange to us, but fried carp serves as the main course of Czech Christmas dinner.

Although, in recent years some have chosen to replace the carp with pork or chicken.

The holidays are seen as a time of togetherness, so much so that in tradition an extra plate is set at the table just in case a hungry stranger is in need of a warming Christmas meal!

That’s the kind of hospitality you can expect if you cycle with Freewheel Holidays.

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