Do you know Wallonia?


Do you know Wallonia?

It might sound like something lifted straight out of a fairytale novel, but Wallonia is very much a real place!

One of the prime regions of Belgium, Wallonia is home to over a third of the country’s population. But don’t let that statistic fool you - roaming fields, glorious forestation and traditional Belgian villages make Wallonia a must-see European attraction.

All of the above, and more, also makes Wallonia the ideal destination for a cycling holiday! So if you’re wondering where to head to on your next cycling adventure, here are a few things about Wallonia you might not know that could influence your decision!

Essential History

The history buffs amongst you might be aware Wallonia found itself at the forefront of the first two World Wars, as well as The Battle of Waterloo.

While much of the land that was greatly impacted by these conflicts have been turned into monuments and memorials, so these moments will never be forgotten, much of them have been left unscathed to grow.

The fields surrounding the site of the Waterloo clash remain virtually the same, and make for some unmissable cycling exploration ground.

Then, there’s the western front of Wallonia, made up of tens of thousands of glistening white gravestones to commemorate those who were lost. A must-see location for those of you with a taste for history. 

Exceptional Nature

If there was an entire region of a country specifically created to cater to cyclists, Wallonia might be it.

Packed to the brim with some glorious wide-open spaces and calming landscapes, you’ll struggle to find somewhere better to truly lose yourself on two wheels than Wallonia.

As well as being home to so much of Belgium's natural nature, there are several amazingly-kept parks and gardens in Wallonia that make for a perfect stroll or cycle, whatever the season.

Add to this many of the naturally-created valleys and rivers that run through the region, along with getting to stop off and sample some local hospitality en-route, and you’ve got arguably the ideal cycling holiday destination.

Now, speaking of local hospitality...

Delectable Food & Drink

Thanks to being home to countless different cultures and nationalities over the centuries, Wallonia has become somewhat of a culinary sponge over time, picking up much of what made the cuisine of the nationalities in question so mouth-watering.

As expected in a country as Beer-mad as Belgium, Wallonia is home to some truly exquisite local brews you simply need to try, as well as some brewery tours if that’s to your taste!

Then, those of you in need of a hearty bite won’t need to look far - the region is famously home to some of the most tempting frites (that’s Fries or Chips to me and you - a national specialty!) Waffles and Cheeses for miles around. 

Oh, and those of you with a sweet tooth definitely won’t want to miss some traditional Wallonian and Belgian chocolates, produced exclusively in the region.


All of the above and so much more makes Wallonia the perfect place to explore via bike on your next cycling holiday!

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