A Dream Ride Through Europe: Amsterdam to Paris


A Dream Ride Through Europe: Amsterdam to Paris

For many cycling holiday fanatics - and general enthusiasts alike - much of their inspiration to ride comes from seeing as many new and exciting locations as possible during a single trip.

That’s what makes cycling holidays in Europe so appealing! They give cyclists the chance to glide from one exceptional location to the next, sometimes even crossing borders to reach their dream locations on two wheels.

At Freewheel Holidays, we’re very familiar with such cycling holidays, and our Amsterdam to Paris tour is sure to get even the most veteran of cycling holiday frequenters excited.

So if you’re interested in making your next cycling holiday in Europe a ride from Amsterdam to Paris, here are a few things you might want to know:

Three countries, one incredible trip

Freewheel’s Amsterdam to Paris cycling holiday might sound like a simple trip from one stunning city to another, but there’s so much more to be seen and experienced in-between.

In fact, your travels will take you through not two but three countries - Beginning in the Netherlands, your cycling holiday journey will take you across the border into Belgium, before finally entering France where you will end your trip in the French capital.

If that’s not good cycling value for money, we don’t know what is!

Iconic sights and locations

En-route to the City of Lights, you’ll get the chance to stop off (or cycle through) some prime sightseeing locations in all three countries during your holiday.

For example, your starting point of Amsterdam is world-famous for its myriad of canals, scattered throughout the city and its boundaries - over 165 to be exact! These bodies of water have become so popular with tourists they have been designated an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Then, of course, there’s the awe-inspiring city of Ghent in Belgium, home to some of the most visually striking and traditional gothic architecture of the Medieval period, much of which had been preserved in its original state. 

We could begin to run through all the captivating things to be seen in the city of Paris - the Eiffel Tower included, naturally - but we’d be here all day. You’ll have to cycle it for yourself!

A mix of cuisines and cultures

One aspect many budding cyclists always forget before heading off on their next cycling holiday in Europe is the abundance of new cuisines and flavours they’ll get to experience. This is especially true for the Amsterdam to Paris cycling holiday, where local tastes will alter depending on where you’ve cycled to!

For example, in the Netherlands, you’ll probably find plentiful Bitterballen in every cafe or bar you visit - breaded and deep-fried meatballs packed full of flavour. The perfect snack to accompany your new favourite dutch beer!

But, when you hit Belgium, you need to try some top-notch Belgian Frites (That’s fries to me and you). The country is famous for its freshly-fried french fries along with the array of sauces and sides that are served with them.

However, if you’re a pastry aficionado, you won’t go wrong in Paris - the home of the world’s greatest croissants, pain-au-chocolat, and so much more.

Easier with E-Bikes

If you’re one of those cyclists who has embraced the wonders of new technology and invested in an e-bike, you’ll be aware of just how much easier and more enjoyable they can make cycling!

If you’re unaware, an e-bike is an electronic bike that allows you to pedal with a fraction of the force usually required by traditional bikes, making them an ideal choice for those seeking a smoother, more relaxed ride.

Freewheel’s Amsterdam to Paris cycling holiday also comes with the option to swap out a regular bike for an e-bike! Meaning you can enjoy all the sights, sounds, and experiences of the trip while saving energy and effort. It’s that easy!


So… what are you waiting for?! If you’d like to book your next Amsterdam to Paris cycling adventure, see our dedicated page here or call 0161 703 8161 and we’ll get the ball - and the wheels - rolling for you!