E-Bikes: A different kind of ride!


E-Bikes: A different kind of ride!

If you’ve been considering a cycling holiday, but are concerned you might not be up-to-scratch on the stamina side of things, or perhaps you’re simply concerned about the physical strain involved, then you definitely need to know about E-Bikes!

In simple terms, E-Bikes, or “Electronic Bikes” are bikes with a battery-powered assist, designed perform in tandem with the pushing of the pedals. In other words, when you pedal, you get a welcome little electronic boost to help you on your way!

This can have a whole host of brilliant benefits for you on your cycling holiday of choice!

Whether you’re riding your way along the beautiful Bavarian Lakes, or making your way from one stunning country to the next with our Vienna to Budapest trip, the assistance of an E-Bike will definitely be a welcome addition to your getaway!

So here are just a few reasons why you should consider an E-Bike for your next cycling adventure:

Easier pedalling

If your major worry stems from the amount you’ll have to exert yourself on a cycling holiday, an E-Bike is definitely right up your street.

Whether this be for health reasons, stamina reasons, or you just don’t fancy the grind, E-Bikes will take anyone from Point A to Point B with much less effort involved than traditional bikes.

Take away some of the strain of consistent pedalling with the added helpful boost from the bike’s battery.

With our E-Bikes, you’ll get assistance up to around 25 km/h, making those longer more medium-paced rides a breeze from start to end.

You still get exercise

With all of this talk about how much easier E-Bikes are to ride than more traditional bikes, you’d be forgiven for thinking they’d be a total waste of time in the exercise department.

But you’d be wrong!

Even with the added assistance, you’ll still be burning a decent number of calories on your next E-Bike ride.

In fact, a recent study showed that non-bike riders who took up using an E-Bike for just two hours a week vastly improved their cardiovascular fitness!

Thus proving that the assistance provided by the added power in E-Bikes is just that – Assistance.

You still need to put some effort in! You just won’t need to use as much energy.

A more enjoyable ride

Cycling holidays are some of the most enjoyable experiences you’ll ever have on two wheels, especially considering you’ll get to explore a whole new location!

But believe it or not, for some the addition of an E-Bike can make it an even better experience!

Why? Because you don’t need to spend as much time pedalling (or worrying about pedalling) so you can spend more time admiring the sights, sounds and culture of your new surroundings.

Plus, the added boost from the E-Bike and quality craftsmanship that goes into the build of the bike itself will help you manoeuvre more evenly over rough or gravelly ground beneath your wheels – the very definition of a smooth cycle!

They're here to stay

When they first began to appear a lot of people were of the opinion that E-Bikes were simply going to end up a short-lived gimmick; a fad used by cycling companies to try an snag more people into the cycling world so that they might end up converting back to classic bikes as they got going.

Oh how wrong they were…

In fact, between 2016 and 2017, E-Bike sales increased by a whopping 90 percent and in the Netherlands E-Bike sales have actually surpassed the sale of traditional bikes.

So, in case you couldn’t tell, the E-Bike is far more than just a passing fad.

It’s quickly woven its way into global cycling culture and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon!

Battery life

Once upon a time you couldn’t hope to move a few measly metres in an electric-powered vehicle.

Now electric cars and other similarly powered modes of transport are on the rise, likely thanks to a serious improvement in battery technology.

Our bikes will offer you a majorly impressive 120km (approx.) per charge, giving you plenty of time to fit in some essential sightseeing before stopping off at your next destination to recharge.

Many of our amazing cycling holidays offer E-Bike options.

If you’re curious to find out which, simply check out the ‘Bike Hire’ tab on our holiday pages.

Or, if you’d like to find out more about E-Bikes, Freewheel Holidays or cycling holidays in general feel free to get in touch and we’ll do our absolute best to find the perfect cycling holiday for you!