Freewheel 2020 Special Offer!


Freewheel 2020 Special Offer!

The New Year is fast approaching and what better way to prepare than to book the cycling holiday you’ve always wanted?

If you’ve never been on a cycling holiday before, you’re missing out on one of the very best ways to explore and enjoy a new destination. And, if you’re a cycling holiday veteran you know exactly what we’re talking about!

At Freewheel Holidays we’re always keen to give you the absolute best value for money for your next cycling holiday! Which is why we’re jumping into 2020 with a little present for you…

On select holidays below £499pp we’re offering you £50 off (per person) if you book before November 30th!

This is a great chance to grab a world-class cycling holiday experience at a better-than-affordable price.

Below you’ll see a few examples of our personal favourites, but keep reading for the full list:

Loop of Majorca – from £819pp

Majorca might be a major beach holiday destination. But there’s so much more to this island than the simple sand and sea. That’s why it’s always best explored by bike!

It might be off the Spanish coast, but Majorca is home to beautiful countryside and classic villages that are so quintessentially Spanish, you’d never guess you were away from the mainland.

You’ll also experience everything that makes Spanish culture so rich and a staple in the development of Europe. Get to know the locals as you partake in some traditional activities like exploring the famous Dragon Caves at Porto Cristo. And don’t forget the delicious local cuisine, much of which is fished fresh from the coast that makes Spanish food so popular internationally.

A must-cycle Spanish adventure!

Danube Cycle Path - from £579pp

The River Danube has been a central figure in European history for centuries.

Helping various countries, people and cultures transport precious cargo time and time again, it’s importance cannot be understated.

Your journey will take you through some of Austria’s most amazing countrified views as well as a selection of quaint Austrian villages, towns and historical points along the world-famous river. There’s a reason it’s one of the most popular cycling trails in all of Europe!

All before you finally arrive at the iconic city of Vienna – home to some of them artistic, creative and intellectual greats like Mozart, Beethoven and Freud.

A stunning countrified adventure with a historical touch.

Sicily Adventure – from £739pp

Sicily can be classes as many things: A part of Italy, an island, a culture all its own, and so on. Sicilians are wildly proud of their heritage and many even consider themselves Sicilian first, rather than Italian.

Given the natural beauty and culture of their island, this should come as no surprise. With its rolling hills, baroque towns, unmissable landscapes and unmistakable cuisine, Sicily truly is a ready-made cycling holiday dream.

You’ll make your way through the baroque towns of Val di Noto, a recognised UNESCO World Heritage Site, filled with centuries-old architecture and other historical wonders.

In fact, if you look hard enough, the entire island is both a historical and visual wonder.

With mountainous scenery (including a volcano, so be careful!) Sicily really is the ultimate cycling getaway for those wanting to experience a different side to Italian life.

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