5 Highlights for the Freewheel 2021 Season


5 Highlights for the Freewheel 2021 Season

The 2021 Freewheel season is HERE, bigger and better than ever before!

In 2021 we will be bringing you over 200 tours, across land, sea, mountains, cities, lakes, and everything inbetween. However you choose to discover Europe by bike, we will have the right option to suit you! We are continually updating and expanding our programme, to give you the best choice of cycling holidays across Europe, year on year. 

Whether it's the majestic mountains and glittering lakes of Northern Italy, or the cultural and artisic hubs of Vienna and Budapest on the grand Danube - we're sure we can offer cycling holidays for every taste. 

Now, to get you in the mood for a return to travel in 2021, here's our pick of five of our favourite tours to look out for in 2021!


  1. Italy - Dolomites and Lake Garda

Discover two of the most iconic natural landmarks in all of Italy, on this weeklong tour of the Dolomites and Lake Garda.

Few landscapes in Europe are as recognisable or can match the unique beauty of the Dolomites. The Italian mountain range has been part of the UNESCO world heritage list since 2009 and is a veritable pilgrimage site for cyclists from around the world.  On this visually stunning tour, you will discover beautiful mountain scenery, green landscapes, and gently flowing rivers. From the Austrian border, through the Italian South Tyrol you will cycle along quiet and incredibly picturesque routes, past peaceful villages and majestic castles and cloisters.

One of the highlights on this tour has got to be a boat excursion on the largest lake in Italy, Lake Garda, where you can relax on the impressive expanse of water, enjoying a truly unique perspective. At the end of the tour you’ll reach the fascinating city of Verona, the setting of Romeo & Juliet, with its iconic ‘Juliet’s Balcony’ and imposing Roman arena.

This tour is family friendly as it can be made suitable for children. The longest stage, from Bolzano to Trento, can be shortened by train. A stunning and enjoyable tour that the whole family can remember for a lifetime, in the heart of Northern Italy.

Nearest Airport – Verona

Tour Difficulty – Easy

Total Distance - 310 km


  1. Germany - Berlin Lakes

Combine a visit to one of Europe’s most iconic and popular cities with an incredible cycle tour through stunning lakeside landscapes, and even take the opportunity for the odd dip, on our unique Berlin Lakes cycling tour in 2021!

The beautiful landscape surrounding Berlin includes well-wooded forests and many crystal blue lakes. On this best- of – both- worlds tour you can feel like you are getting away from it all, with a refreshing swim followed by a relaxing picnic at the lakeside. While, on the same day, you can discover the historic, and buzzing cities of Potsdam and Berlin. Nature and metropolis, and past and modernity collide on this wonderful 7-day tour.

Visit world-famous buildings like the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag and Sanssouci Palace. While your cycling tour will take you away from the city, through little villages with attractive brick Gothic structures, You will also have the chance to explore the sites of darker days in Germany like the museum Sachsenhausen. This vastly varied holiday tour is both beautiful and emotionally powerful.

Nearest Airport – Berlin Brandenburg

Tour Difficulty – Easy

Total Distance - 265 km


  1. Austria -Passau-Budapest-Vienna-Passau (Bike & Barge)

Discover the phenomenal ‘Great Loop’ of the Danube in the most breath- taking and all-encompassing way possible. Our Passau-Budapest-Vienna-Passau, Bike and Barge, cycling holiday tour will allow you to discover 3 incredible cities, Passau, Vienna, and Budapest, along with the beautiful Danube River, all while accompanied by your own, magnificent, floating hotel; the MS Prinzessin Katharina.

The ’three river city’, Passau is full of historic interest. You can take a stroll through the cobblestoned old town centre or listen to the bells of Passau's Gothic Town Hall. Passau is well known around the world for its stunning examples of gothic and baroque architecture. The town’s skyline is dominated by the Veste Oberhaus and the Veste Niederhaus both parts of a grand former fortress. Also, worth a visit is the world's largest Catholic Church organ in Passau’s St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is also an architecturally rich city. Perhaps the best-known site of the city is the neo-Gothic Parliament building. It is the biggest building in Hungary, at 268 metres (879 ft) in length, and has (since 2001) also been home to the Hungarian Crown Jewels. Another city with strong religious tradition, Saint Stephen's Basilica is another of the city’s most important building’s, where the Holy Right Hand of Hungary's first king, Saint Stephen is also on display.

Vienna has for centuries been an iconic cultural hub. On your rest day you can experience Vienna's most famous examples of architecture, such as; the imperial Hofburg, St. Stephens Cathedral, the gorgeous Ring boulevard and the State Opera House, the Burgtheater and town hall and, of course the colourful "Hundertwasserhaus". An undeniably iconic city for music aficionados Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Joseph Haydn, Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz Schubert, Johannes Brahms, Gustav Mahler, and Arnold Schoenberg, among many other famous musicians and composers have all worked there.

Nearest Airport – Munich

Tour Difficulty – Easy

Total Distance - 219 km


  1. France- Alsace, Vinyards & Vallages

The Alsace is famous for its gastronomy, its wine, its history, its idyllic landscape, and its beautiful timber-frame villages. As if that wasn’t reason enough to flock over to France, with over 2500 km of cycle paths, Alsace is also a paradise for cyclists.

Starting and finishing in the charming city of Strasbourg, on the German border; this tour will allow you o uncover all the sites of this varied and wonderful region. Highlights of Strasbourg include the Cathedral of Our Lady (an impressive, Gothic style, sandstone cathedral), the Place Kleber central square, an the many parks and museums , dotted about the city, that you can discover at your leisure.

You can enjoy a number of pleasant rides on your tour, mainly along river banks and by the side of canals, that will allow you to enjoy the best of the region’s natural landscapes, on easy and relaxing rides. You will also, of course, have plenty of time to sample the famous food and wines of the area in your free time.

This tour shows you the best side of Alsace and leads you along the most beautiful cycle path network in France, through one of its most magnificent regions.

Nearest Airport – Strasbourg

Tour Difficulty – Easy/Medium

Total Distance - 345 km


  1. Krakow and West Ukraine

This 10-day tour both begins and ends in the iconic city of Krakow; the second largest and one of the oldest cities in Poland, which is full of fascinating sites to discover. On the tour, you will uncover highlights of Western Ukraine such as the mesmerising Carpathian Mountains and the picturesque Dniester River Valley. You will also come across plenty of sites of historical and cultural significance such as the city of Lviv. A city known for being the centre of art, literature, music, and theatre in the Ukraine; as evidenced by the large number of theatres, concert halls, and arts venues that you will find there.

Chernivtsi (also known as ‘little Vienna’) and Kamianets-Podilskyi are also fascinating cultural and historic highlights on this tour. Between 1919–1920 Kamianets-Podilskyi served as the temporary capital of the Ukrainian People’s Republic during the Ukrainian–Soviet War.

Later, the tour follows the course of the Dniester, from the Carpathians to Podolien, bringing you through beautiful green countryside. Here you will find yourself cycling from one historical city to the next with stunning views and scenery between them.

Discover Poland and Western Ukraine, as you never imagined them before, on our beautiful and varied 10 day cycling tour!

Nearest Airport – Krakow

Tour Difficulty – Easy/ Medium

Total Distance - 265-280 km