5 reasons to explore history and culture on two wheels!


5 reasons to explore history and culture on two wheels!

A cycling holiday comes jam-packed with a whole host of benefits:

The chance to get some much needed exercise, the chance to escape the day-to-day drudgery of everyday life. And, of course, the chance to explore brand new countries and locations.

But for the history buffs amongst you and for those looking for a real taste of the local culture in their chosen destination, we have just the thing for you…

Freewheel Holidays offer cycling holidays for history and culture to help you get the most out of your trip and your location.

Sure, you could just ‘visit’ a new country, but if you really want to feel it, it’s essential to get to grips with its unique history and culture.

Here’s why (if you aren’t already) you should consider a cycling holiday for history and culture:


We all enjoy seeing new places and being mystified by the foreign feel of it all.

But when we look closer at what a country has to offer – its cities, villages, writings, people etc – we begin to understand there is so much more to see than we can ever possibly know.

Then, as we try to understand further, we begin to experience a great feeling of empathy and genuine like-mindedness with a country.

This is particularly true for places with a rich cultural heritage like the mighty Rome, or countries with a history forged through times of war like Germany.

The people

In a foreign land, our eyes can only tell us so much.

Views can be stunning, cities can be awe-inspiring.

But, it’s only when we speak to the people we can truly understand a country.

Local people in smaller, more traditional towns and villages in the countries you will no-doubt explore are the single finest example of the perfect guidebook to the culture you surround yourself with and what you’re hoping to absorb.

Yes, books can teach us many things and give us a decent idea of what to expect when we travel to a new country.

But the impressions left behind by the people are what we will ultimately remember for years to come, making them the more emotionally resonant and reliable takeaways from any country.

Who knows? You might make a pen-pal for life!


With so many churches, castles and cathedrals we’re not stranger to good architecture here in the UK.

But in other countries with deep historically religious roots, this is often multiplied tenfold and beyond.

Prague, for example, is widely recognised as one of the most beautiful cities not just in Europe but in the whole world. And with good reason.

Thanks to proper preservation and good craftsmanship (and a spell of good luck – the city escaped the various bombings of World War II virtually unscathed) a mixture of Gothic, Baroque and renaissance era structures remain on display for all to see.

But these buildings aren’t just pretty to look at; the design and craftsmanship are a window into the practices and feeling of a different time, if you know what to look for.

So before you travel to a country to admire the architecture, be sure to do your research into its history. It’ll be a much more enriching experience.


Much like architecture, a country’s national cuisine can tell us a lot about their history, culture and development through the ages.

France have their glorious wine vineyards, Germany have their traditional beers and delicious sausage (and other meats) and Italy is home to classic pasta and pizza dishes amongst countless other delights not mentioned here.

There really is nothing like trying a new foreign dish for the first time, falling in love with it, and learning about its origin story.


As we’ve discussed, if you want to go into your next cycling holiday for history and culture with a bit of research under your belt it will help you get to grips with your new surrounding better (having said that, there’s also an argument for going in blind and letting the whole experience be a domino topple of pleasant surprises).

But, the knowledge you will gain in person cycling from place to place and interacting with people far surpasses anything you could possibly learn from a book.

For a lot of people, this is what travelling is all about – learning and growing.

Not only will you be exploring and exercising, you’ll be becoming more knowledgeable about the world and cultures around you.

Multiple birds with one stone!

If you’re ready to ride your way into more knowledge with one of our cycling holidays for history and culture, check out the incredible packages we have on offer now: https://www.freewheelholidays.co.uk/history-culture-cycling-holidays

Or, if you have any more questions, feel free to get in touch and we’ll help find the perfect history and culture cycling holiday for you.