Holidays Fit for Heroes RESULTS!


Holidays Fit for Heroes RESULTS!

The search is over! It is now time to announce who has won the FreeWheel Holidays, Holidays Fit for Heroes 2020 Christmas campaign!

But, before we do, we want to take the time to thank each and every person who nominated either themselves, or their loved ones into the competition. We have been absolutely blown away by the responses, and humbled reading each of your stories. We know there will still be a lot of unsung heroes out there, but hope that, with our campaign, we have gone some way to say THANKS.

To all the Key Workers, Volunteers, Health Workers and NHS staff; you are amazing. Thank you so much for all you have done throughout 2020


Now, without further ado, it’s time to announce our winners.

Up first, the Volunteer Category.


Sophie volunteered for local charities and the NHS during lockdown. Now, on top of a full-time day job, she is still making sure food and other items get to those in need, and spending time with those who have no-one and nothing when they need someone just to listen or hold their hand.  Before COVID she spent years helping the homeless, and now is following her dream of training to work with the NHS.  Her heart is made of gold. A selfless woman, and a great friend; she opened her home during Christmas to help give my mum, who has Alzheimer's, a wonderful fun filled time. 

She always brings light to the dark places, and uses her love of running to relax, help enhance people's mental health, and bring others together. She truly deserves a break where she can relax and enjoy the activities she loves.


Next, the award for Key Workers goes to


Dean was responsible for many key roles during the period of school closure. He spent hours each day ringing the provider of free school meal vouchers, chasing up late vouchers, helping those who hadn't received theirs, and supporting families who were not sure how they could be used. He was also the first port of call for families affected by the problems with exam grades this year. He cut short his own holiday, so that he was more easily available to pupils and families who wanted to discuss their options. 


Finally, the award for our NHS/Health Worker goes to


“Many people have no Idea of what a Radiographer does. During COVID times, putting herself in this situation is so admirable. Her actions and selfless attitude even led to her contracting COVID-19.”

 I would like to nominate my partner Dawn, a diagnostic Radiographer in one of Scotland's busiest hospitals. Every possible COVID-19 patient, coming through the doors to the hospital, receives a chest Xray. At the start of the pandemic, this required radiographers to stand inside the small cubicles to Xray them, as it was unsafe to transport them to the Xray department.  This not only meant radiographers were close to an unknown disease, but they were also putting themselves at risk of extra radiation.  Dawn stepped up every single day, swapping shifts so she could work difficult nightshifts, leading teams, and spending hours in the ITU department. She would come home with marks on her face and damaged hands. She then ended up with the virus herself.  She is extremely fit and healthy, regularly taking part in triathlons (and a huge fan of club la Santa holidays), so was surprised that the coronavirus hit her so hard.  Luckily, she was able to recover at home, but she has lost a lot of her fitness and is still recovering 6 weeks later.  She is still thinking about others though, as she plans to donate plasma to help others fight the disease.  During all this hard work, she has shopped for her elderly relatives every week.  She is an absolute star and I'm sure would love nothing more than a holiday at club la Santa to help recover and re energise.


If you would like to follow Sophies, Deans, or Dawns story then head over to our social channels, where you can learn more about them and their amazing work.


From everyone here at FreeWheel Holidays, we wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year!