Quenching cycling thirst on National Hydration Day!


Quenching cycling thirst on National Hydration Day!

At Freewheel Holidays, our team is made up of avid cycling enthusiasts with plenty of experience under their belts!

So you can be sure that, when you book with Freewheel Holidays, you’re dealing with people who know exactly what they’re talking about when it comes to finding the very best cycling holiday experiences!

But an experience every cyclist faces at least once in their life is dehydration.

Imagine the scene: You set off on your usual ride, only to discover half an hour in you’ve totally forgotten your trusty water bottle…


The day is hot, the sun is shining, humidity is through the roof and you are unbelievably thirsty.

But, on days like this, getting thirsty is the least of your worries…

When cycling (or when participating in any serious physical activity) keeping yourself regularly hydrated is essential to keep your body functioning as it should, as well as to replace any liquids your body might be losing through sweat.

Which, on particularly hot days, is a definite!

Even low levels of dehydration can make you incredibly thirsty, light headed and completely drained of energy.

While dangerous levels of dehydration can lead to some really nasty results like losing consciousness, organ damage and beyond.


Be sure to make it part of your daily checklist to have a cool, refreshing drink (preferably water if exercise is involved) with you at all times throughout the day.

And definitely be sure to grab that bottle out of the fridge before you head out!

And remember, good hydration isn’t something cyclists and athletes should concern themselves with.

As a whole, we could all do with drinking more water.

As a rule of thumb, its recommended that you consume between 8 and 10 glasses of water a day.

If you are falling below this mark (most of us are) might we suggest in investing in a larger than life water bottle, to act as a constant reminder to hit your daily H2O targets.

So, this National Hydration Day (June 23rd) if you’re keeping the wheels on the go, keep that bottle topped up!