Is Cycling finally getting the attention it deserves?


Is Cycling finally getting the attention it deserves?

The coronavirus pandemic has created a seismic shift in our day-to-day lives, with many people now seriously considering various ways they can change both their outlook and their lifestyle that might be more beneficial for them in this “new normal.

But one interesting turn of events that's come about (at least in part) due to the pandemic is the sudden interest in our travel methods. It became pretty clear pretty quickly that public transport was not the safest way to go anymore, even if you were to follow social distancing guidelines, sanitised and wore a facemask. There was still an incredible risk present.

It may be because of this that the Government recently announced a HUGE boost in investment (the largest ever, in fact) in local walking and cycling initiatives. And while this may appear to be in direct response to the rise in cycling during the pandemic, there’s no denying that an investment of this level into cycling has been due for a long time now…

We’ve known about the plethora of health and environmental benefits that cycling on a larger scale could have for society as a whole; cutting carbon emissions from continuous car or train usage could effectively save us from from further damage caused by climate change, and the increase in exercise from cycling will no-doubt have astronomically positive effects on the overall health and wellbeing of the nation and save the National Health Service millions from treating weight-related issues like heart diseasediabetes and more.

But while some may be skeptical about the apparent plans, as other plans to improve Cycling in local areas in the past have often fallen to the wayside or failed to meet expectations or deadlinesit certainly sounds as though, this time, the government is deadly-serious on improving cycling and encouraging more and more people to swap four wheels for two.

In the article released on the official Gov website, it is claimed that:

“The government will fund and work with local authorities across the country to help make it easier for people to use bikes to get around - including Greater Manchester, which wants to create 150 miles of protected cycle track, and Transport for London, which plans bike Tube” network above Underground lines.”

And if you need any further convincing that the government will stick to their word on this pledge to improve cycling in local areas, local authorities are already reporting that their plans to construct more cycling and walking lanes are already moving forward - a frantic pace, especially considering the initial announcement was only a few short weeks ago.

Places like the West Midlands, Berkshire and more have already reported that their councils are moving ahead with plans to create a much more cycling-friendly environment over the coming months, and who can blame them? Thanks to the pandemic weve see a tremendous surge in new cyclists on the country paths and roads, with more and more taking up the sport each new week that passes.
If anything, it’s a good thing that councils are being given the opportunity to make these improvements, because pretty soon if the number of cyclists continues to grow they won’t just be a welcome change, they’ll be a necessity! 

But, from a Freewheel perspectivewe’re simply thrilled to see just how many people have rekindled their love of cycling during the lockdown and we’re ecstatic to see all the new people becoming members of the cycling family. The more people who fall in love with the sport, the better!

As you can probably tell were massive advocates of the benefits of cycling. But for those new to the thrill and excitement that cycling can bring, the only way they can maximise their love for the sport is with a cycling holiday.

Exploring some of the most beautiful scenery Europe has to offer through the power of a bicycle makes the experience all the more memorable and special, and is the ultimate treat for somebody looking to expand their horizons and their cycling expertise.

It's made all the more enticing by the fact that many European countries have the interest of cyclists at the heart of everything they do; Roads and country paths are perfectly-paved to allow local and visiting cyclists to glide along their chosen route with ease. No wonder cycling holidays in Europe are so popular!

Whether you end up exploring the cliffs of Majorca or you get to sample the glorious paths alongside the Danube riveryou’ll be treated to some of the very best quality cycling paths money can buy.

At Freewheel Holidays, we like to think we know what we’re talking about when it comes to cycling holidays in Europe. We’ve been sending enthusiastic cyclists to the locations of their dreams for years! And as the world begins to open up again, those people who have discovered (or even rekindled) a passion for cycling have the chance to break away from the boundaries of their usual routes and try something truly spectacular!

Stay tuned to our social channels at @FreewheelHols on Twitter and Freewheel Holidays on Facebook for all the latest cycling holiday news. And, if you’ve never been on a cycling holiday before, perhaps now is the best time to start thinking about where you'd like to go in the near future?

There's a whole world out there ready to be discovered, and cycling will let you see the best of all of it.