Lake Constance for Families


Lake Constance for Families

At Freewheel Holidays we know all about the value of family time. Whether it’s sitting around a dinner table or enjoying a family bike ride, the time we spend with each other is ultimately priceless.

If you’re a cycling-centric family and your young ones enjoy jumping behind the handlebars, perhaps you should consider a family cycling holiday to a top European destination?

As the world begins to unravel from the clutches of the Coronavirus Pandemic, there’s arguably never been a better time to look to the near future and gear up for a real family adventure. Especially if you’ve all been stuck indoors for the past eighteen months!

And we can’t think of a better place for you and your family to start than our Lake Constance for Families cycling holiday.

Here are a few things you might want to know about this amazing European cycling holiday that’s fun for the whole family:

Lake Constance facts

A humongous body of water, the title ‘Lake Constance’ technically refers to three different lakes altogether:

The ‘Upper Lake’

The ‘Lower Lake'

And the ‘Lake Rhine’

It’s the third-largest lake in all of Europe, after Lake Geneva and Lake Balaton. But don’t let that fool you - it’s perfectly possible to sample all the spectacular sights, sounds, and experiences that are situated around this magnificent natural wonder in excellent time. Which is what makes it sound so appealing as a cycling holiday destination!

Thought to be formed during the Ice Age, mentions of the lake first began to appear early in the first century. While the lake isn’t widely known as being essential in the sense of travel and trade throughout history, the Naval War on Lake Constance (which began in 1632) saw multiple forces of different countries of origin fighting in on-again-off-again clashes to determine control of the lake’s shores.

This likely came about as a result of the Lake falling between multiple borders. Speaking of which...

Three countries for the price of one!

A cycling holiday in Europe to one destination is enthralling enough. But how about getting to visit three countries for the price of one?

Well, that’s exactly what you’ll get with our Lake Constance for Families cycling holiday!

Your cycling adventure will see you ride around the paths that make up the shores of the lake, hopping between Germany, Switzerland, and Austria on your travels!

So if you and your family are looking to tick as many amazing countries off your travel bucket list as possible, this is the cycling holiday for you.

You’ll begin in the town of Constance (how appropriate!), the largest town on the entire lake, before heading on to discover some breathtaking towns and villages. Each new stop will present a different chapter in European history.

Whether young or old, there’s something to be learned and enjoyed for all!

An easy ride for everyone

Considering kids are welcome to come along for the ride on this cycling holiday, it’s important to note we’ve categorised the difficulty level of this getaway as ‘Easy.’

In a nutshell, this means plenty of flat surfaces, simple terrain, and lots of places to stop off and refuel.

If mum and dad are after something a little more challenging, we have plenty of other, more testing, cycling holidays available!

But your children will feel as relaxed as they possibly can be on two wheels while riding around the sensational Lake Constance.


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Now, let’s get you to Lake Constance!