Our Most Popular Bike & Barge Cycling Holidays


Our Most Popular Bike & Barge Cycling Holidays

On the face of things, a Cycling Holiday is simply a getaway where you can enjoy pedaling from one beautiful location to the next. While this is true, there’s so much more to a Cycling Holiday and so many more customizable options than you know! One of which being booking yourself a Bike & Barge Cycling Holiday!

What is a Bike & Barge Cycling Holiday we hear you ask? It’s a Cycling Holiday like no other, giving you the chance to ride most of your trip while hopping on a barge and sailing the rest! It really does give you the best of both worlds, giving you the chance to discover new views, locations, and landscapes from a totally new perspective.

At Freewheel Holidays, we’re home to some of the best Bike & Barge Cycling Holidays money can buy! So if you’re interested in experiencing one of these sensational trips first hand, here are some of our top picks.

Amsterdam to Bruges

From one iconic location to another, our Amsterdam to Bruges Bike & Barge Cycling Holiday lets you cross two of Europe’s most beautiful cities off your cycling bucket list, as well as cross some borders along the way!

Setting off in Amsterdam, you’ll get to explore the wonders of the cycling-friendly city, before heading out to glide through quintessentially Dutch villages and roaming landscapes galore.

Then, you’ll step away from land and onto water (not literally!) as you step onto your waterbus, ready to further examine some of Holland’s most gorgeous and intriguing sights, best reached via the river! You’ll jump back and forth between cycling and sailing multiple times during your trip so you can fully take advantage of the mixture of travel avenues.

Eventually, you’ll reach the classic city of Bruges in Belgium, ending your Bike & Barge journey in style, in what many have described as a fairytale city.

Prague and the Elbe

There are countless beautiful cities in Europe ready to be explored by bike, but Prague might just be the most beautiful of them all.

In fact, the Czech Republic as a whole is home to some of the most exquisite landscapes and rivers the world over - perfect Bike & Barge territory!

After starting your journey in the glorious city, you’ll set out and be greeted by well-preserved castles, gothic architecture, and other must-see Czech attractions. Of course, as part of your tour, you’ll get to cruise along the magnificent River Elbe, which links up with several other glistening rivers you’ll get to explore on your trip.

After a few days of wonderful cycling and sailing, you’ll find yourself back in the city you started, so you can catch up on any amazing sights, sounds, and experiences you may have missed the first time around!

Burgundy to Provence

From one enchanting region of France to the other, our Burgundy to Provence Bike & Barge Cycling Holiday will show you the very best of what the undisturbed French landscape has to offer as you traverse one of the most historically significant counties in the world.

Starting in Lyon, one of France’s unsung marvels of culture, you’ll have plenty to see and do! Then, you’ll head onward onto the nature reservation Île au Beurre, for some of the most tranquil cycling scenery you’ll find anywhere.

As you move from land to water, you might not want to move back! The MS Provence is equipped with its very own bar and lounge, along with a dining room, games room, and even a jacuzzi! 

But you’ll have to trade the luxuries of your ship for the luxuries of fine wine, as you’ll eventually arrive at Chateauneuf du pape the famed wine-producing town known the world over.


If any of the above Bike & Barge Cycling Holidays sound tempting (we’re certainly tempted!) get in touch with Freewheel Holidays today on 0161 703 8161 and let’s get you booked on your dream Bike & Barge adventure!