How To Prevent & Fix Bike Tyre Punctures


How To Prevent & Fix Bike Tyre Punctures

Bike tyre punctures are the bane of every cyclist’s existence.

We’ve all been there; Enjoying a beautiful sunny morning ride when all of a sudden we realise we’re not moving as well as we should be.

On closer inspection, the culprit of our disappointment is often a discarded nail or another sharp instrument that’s fatally wounded our tyre without remorse.

But thankfully,  modern cycling technology is here to save the day. What may have been a fatal wound in the past is now simply in need of a good patch-up job to get us back out on the open road where we belong!

So if you’re sick and tired of losing perfectly good tyres to the unseen dangers that lurk beneath our feet, here’s how to prevent and fix bike tyre punctures.

Preventative measures

Let’s be honest: No matter what you do or whatever magic you work, you’ll never fully protect yourself or your bike from receiving tyre punctures.  There as much a part of a cyclist’s life as achy legs.

It might sound a bit redundant but the absolute best thing you can do to care for your tires and to prevent any unwanted punctures is to check them regularly and replace them when appropriate.

Most tyres come with some form of depth indicator, so you’ll know when it’s time to grab a new one.

As for checking, the next time you give your bicycle friend a much-needed wash (which you should be doing regularly anyway) double-check your tires for any niggling rocks, nails, or shards that may have become stuck in the tread.

But what about if your tyre seems perfectly fine, yet you keep experiencing punctures? Take a look at the rim - there’s a chance it might be damaged.

Incorrect tyre pressure is also a sure-fire way to cause punctures. Always ensure your tyres are at the correct pressure for cycling, not too high or too low.

Fixing punctures

So… one of the little punctures found its way through your defences! No matter - if you have a puncture repair kit, you’re ready and able to heal up your beloved tyre!

First of all, if you’re sure there’s a puncture, remove your tyre from your bike and pump it up slightly - you should be able to hear a faint hiss where the air is escaping. Alternatively, you can wet your fingers slightly and run them along the tyre. You should be able to feel where the air is escaping from.

Or use the old dunk-the-tyre-in-water trick. Whichever works best!

Once you’ve found the source of your problem, give the small area covering the puncture a relaxed scrub with some emery cloth, or other abrasive material. 

Then, keeping the tyre slightly stretched and tight, apply a liberal amount of sealing solution on and around the hole, before leaving it to dry for 5 minutes. It should turn from shiny to dull.

Apply the patch that came with your repair kit over the hole and hold it in place firmly for around 2 minutes. Then, after letting it settle for around 10 minutes, remove the backing from the patch - just like removing the plastic film from a screen protector!

That’s pretty much it! But a quirky tip is to apply a small amount of talcum powder to the affected area once sealing is complete and leave it to settle overnight. This will help stop any other unwanted products from sticking to the repair area.


Always follow the included instructions that come with your puncture repair kit, but hopefully the above will give you some good guidance if you get stuck!

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