5 reasons to book a cycling holiday for lakes & mountains


5 reasons to book a cycling holiday for lakes & mountains

Lakes and mountains are some of the most visually impressive natural wonders of our world.

But they’re not just a feast for the eyes – they’re a feast for the soul, too.

They spark something in us that simply can’t be explained or compared to any other feeling.

And what better way to experience these natural wonders than on the freedom of two wheels?

At Freewheel Holidays, we have a sensational collection of Cycling Holidays for Lakes & Mountains.

With this in mind, here are 5 reasons to book one of these escapes.


In our usual day-to-day lives many of us never get the chance to see anything beyond our current surroundings, which normally consist of our home and work lives.

This can feel very restrictive at times and can lead to some of us growing weary of spending so much time indoors or in enclosed spaces.

Cycling Holidays for Lakes & Mountains offer us the chance to expand our vision and sample glorious, wide-open landscapes normally reserved for natives of the countries in question.

Lake Bled is a perfect example – turquoise blue waters with a seemingly floating island castle right at the centre, backed my mountainous ranges as far as the eye can see.

Can you ask for a more idyllic setting?

Cover more ground

Lakes and Mountains are such an enjoyable experience, it makes sense we’d want to soak up all the beauty we can in the short space of time we have available on holiday.

By foot, this can create an issue as we could miss out on other awe-inspiring sights we’d have enjoyed if only we had more time or moved at a quicker pace.

Thankfully, cycling holidays give you the added advantage of a bit of extra speed.

That way, you’ll be able to enjoy more of the wonders our world has to offer in a fraction of the time.

Views & Exercise

We’ve already discussed how cycling holidays for lakes & mountains are an amazing opportunity to sample stunning scenery, but we must not forget the more obvious side of a cycling holiday…

The cycling!

Cycling is one of the most health-beneficial sports there is.

Proven to cut the risk of everything from heart disease to diabetes, as well as being a hugely fun way to fit in your daily exercise, no wonder so many people want to make cycling part of their next holiday!

So you can enjoy various magnificent views and burn off some pesky calories along the way!

Bucket list

We all have a desire to travel. To see as much of the world as we possibly can.

Why wouldn’t we? Our world is pretty magnificent. Especially when you look at places like the Swiss Lakes & Mountains.

Which is why, if there are some locations we feature that are also featured on your own personal travel “bucket list” you should definitely consider visiting them on a cycling holiday.

There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of knowing you’ve achieved one of your life’s all-time great ambitions while experiencing it with the freedom to ride and see things from totally different angles and perspectives.

Whatever your travel bucket list consists of, it really is the best way to travel.

The ultimate combination

It might be the most visually exceptional happy accident of all time, but that’s what lakes and mountains really are.

But it’s no coincidence these two natural wonders ended up beside each other. In some places in the world you’d struggle to find a grand mountain that wasn’t intertwined with a lake or body of water in some way.

It’s actually quite simple – rain water (or melted snow) runs its way down a mountain (often creating a waterfall) until it finally reaches flat land where it will inevitably form a lake or a river. If it’s the latter, it will end up back in the sea, where evaporation sets in and the process can begin all over again!

Quite interesting when you think about it!

When it comes to view hunting, they’re the ultimate 2-birds-one-stone combination! Made even more accessible travelling by bicycle.

If you’d like to visit some of the world’s finest lakes and mountains on your next cycling holiday, check out what we have to offer at our dedicated page.

Or if you’d like to find out more information, feel free to contact us for a friendly chat and see what we can do for you in finding your next cycling holiday adventure.