1. Any sales of these products are governed by the conditions of the event organiser. Sports Tours International acts only as an agent for these events and services.

2. Payments are taken in full and are non-refundable, non-transferable to other events. Where tickets are issued, if the tickets are lost, they may potentially not be replaceable without full payment again. With entries to events, name may not be substituted, except with the permission of the event organiser and may be subject to an administration fee. Please note, with most events, names cannot be changed.

3. The event organiser may make changes to the event date or structure of the experience without notice. All events are subject to Force Majeure. These can include, for example, war, riot, industrial dispute (for example, the disruption or closure of airports or other transport systems), terrorist activity and its consequences, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions. In the unlikely event of the cancellation/postponement of the sporting events for whatsoever force majeure reason, Sports Tours International cannot be held responsible in any way for any monetary loss, inconvenience or any other circumstances, including non-refundable events fees.

4. In any event Sports Tours International shall not be liable for death or personal injury suffered by the client or its guests arising out of the booking. This limitation of liability shall also extend to any loss or damage sustained by property or belongings of the client or any of the clients guests or for any further costs, demands or expenses incurred or suffered by the client arising out of the booking.

5. The contract and these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by English law and Sports Tours International and the client hereby submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts in all matters regarding to contract.


The lead person on the booking must have approval from all other members of the party (and any “emergency contacts”, where applicable) to give consent to our processing their personal information to ensure that your holiday runs smoothly (in the case of minors, under 13 years of age, from their parent or guardian; in the case of anyone unable to give consent, from their legal representative). This may include providing your key personal information to specific suppliers involved in the organisation of the event, who may be outside of the United Kingdom. Any medical information volunteered will also be passed to the relevant bodies responsible for giving assistance at an event. Note that, by agreement with our suppliers and relevant organisations, any personal information passed will be held for the duration of the contract and then destroyed. If you have signed up to our newsletters and/or waiting lists, we will send you the information you have requested by email until such time as you wish to unsubscribe. You may unsubscribe at any time, using the link on our email, and your email address will be removed from our Marketing list. Please note that this may take up to 10 days.

B. Data Protection – To ensure that your event runs smoothly, we need to supply your key information to specific suppliers involved in the organisation of your event. We may occasionally contact you to inform you of products and services from Sports Tours International or associated companies. Should you wish not to be kept up to date with this information, please contact us. You have the right to see any information we may hold relating to yourself.

C. Health Regulations – We advise all customers to check what the latest health requirements are for travel to their chosen destination and are fit enough to participate in their chosen event. Please consult your doctor, practice nurse or travel health clinic and/or obtain the relevant health leaflets e.g. the D.O.H. leaflet “Protect your Health Abroad” from your local Post Office or the Department of Health. Also consult the following websites for advice:, and For Foreign Office advice on traveling to other countries, please refer to

D. Tickets and Tours documents – In some cases, these will be sent to you approximately 10/14 days before departure and may arrive by post or email.

E. Events

a. Event Entry forms – For some events entrants are obliged to fill in the appropriate official entry form, which we will send you. This form must be returned within 7 days, or the specified date for that event, to the issuing office or a specified location and are subject to the conditions of entry over which we have no jurisdiction. Failure to return the signed entry form within the specified time could result in your race entry being refused and your booking cancelled with the loss of all monies paid. All requested medical information must be supplied otherwise the entry may be invalid.

b. In the unlikely event of the cancellation/postponement of the sporting events for whatsoever force majeure reason, Sports Tours International cannot be held responsible in any way for any monetary loss, inconvenience or any other circumstances, including non-refundable events fees.

c. Some events may require a medical certificate to be able to enter. You will be advised of this at the time of booking, but it is your responsibility and at your cost to ensure you have organised this.

d. Events may change their security and safety arrangements at the last minute, with no notice, so you must be prepared to accept this. You must listen to the advice of any security officials and do what they say.

e. Certain events may require participants to undertake anti doping procedures. You must be willing to adhere to this condition, otherwise your participation may be barred or annulled.

f. Participation or attendance at events grants the event organisation permission to use your image in any subsequent promotion or communication about the event, whether it be via TV, printed material, online or otherwise. g. Many events do not permit the resale or swapping of entries, so do not do this, unless we are authorized to do so for you by the event organizer. Contravention of this may render the entry void.

F. Itineraries – Whilst we try very hard to deliver your itinerary as specified at the time of booking, sometimes circumstances beyond our control may prevent us from providing the exact tour itinerary that is advertised and in such circumstances we do not assume liability for any loss of the advertised elements of the itinerary. Please see the rest of these terms and conditions for further details.

G. Behaviour at venues – Please note, if your behaviour at any of the venues that we use leads to damage or costs being levied by suppliers, we will seek redress and recoup these costs from you or direct the supplier to you to take action. This could include damage to property.


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