The Benefits of E-Bikes with Lindsey Cairns!


The Benefits of E-Bikes with Lindsey Cairns!

In our last discussion, Freewheel Ambassador Lindsey Cairns discussed with us the Ins and Outs of E-Bikes! Now, we're getting into some of the more specific benefits (and potential worries) you might be interested in...

Can they replace a car?

The only thing stopping me from selling our 2nd car is that we have such heavy snow in winter and riding a bike to work would be impossible. As soon as the snow melts then both my husband and I ride our bikes everywhere. 1 car comes off the road for 6 months and the other one has limited use during summer bearing in mind we live in a little village in the mountains. 

For anyone living in a town or city then commuting to work would be much easier, cheaper, and better for your health. It is just a matter of making sure you have the right clothing and the money you save by not having a car means you could invest in the right bike and the right clothing and as an added bonus you will get fitter as well!


There are so many that I could just write a separate article on it. However, to keep it simple, cycling is shown to reduce stress and improve your mood. Imagine arriving at work every day refreshed and ready to face the day with a big smile on your face.

The physical benefits are huge but there are also financial benefits. 25% of Europeans are now riding an e-bike, either their own or they have rented one in the past 12 months. They ride them for both pleasure and practical reasons. More and more are moving away from cars in the towns and cities making e-bikes the obvious choice.


Environmental Issues

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that 50% of all car journeys are 5 miles or less. A car's emission is around 50% higher than an e-bike and therefore the benefits to our environment are clear.

The environmental topic is on everyone’s mind at the moment and how as an individual we can do our part. Since lockdown in March in Europe, our skies have cleared considerably, and the levels of carbon emissions have reduced dramatically. People with health issues have seen the difference it has made to their breathing however what about the rest of us? What can we do? Consider changing your car to an e-bike would be a start.

Lithium Battery

There is the issue of how to dispose of the lithium battery which is on your e-bike and that is a big topic of conversation and development by battery manufacturers all over the world. There are currently a few companies that will dispose of e-bike batteries, but it is a costly process. Makers of e-bike batteries such as Bosch, Panasonic, and Yamaha are reviewing ways for disposal or repurposing as a priority. The pressure will be on them to come up with a suitable solution and I will be following their progress carefully.

Types of bikes

There are City, Mountain, Road, Folding & Hybrid e-bikes. If you are considering buying an e-bike then ensure you do your homework to get the most suitable bike for what you need.

When I am asked, I always advise people to write down a list of what they use their car for now, what type of cycling they would like to do for pleasure and what they like to do on holiday. If you can cover these 3 areas with a city or mountain e-bike – then that’s the one for you!

This is one bandwagon you want to get on. Go and try an e-bike for yourself and you will see the benefits immediately.

One last point – I will accept the responsibility for the smile on your face! You will never regret an e-bike ride.

So... there you have it! Virtually everything you need to know about E-Bikes!

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