Our top 3 bike and barge destinations | Freewheel Holidays


Our top 3 bike and barge destinations | Freewheel Holidays

Freewheel’s Top 3 Bike and Barge Holidays In Europe

Got a love for the road and the water? Our favourite bike and barge packages incorporate both elements so wherever the destination, you’ll always be travelling in style. Take a break from the cycling and enjoy covering Europe by boat, with some easy sailing as you venture off across seas and canals in Europe to reach all the fantastic places that we have lined up for you. Freewheel’s bike and barge holidays are a unique experience that you do not want to miss. Struggling to pick from our high selection of deals? Don’t panic; we’ve managed to narrow down our top three bike and barge destinations.



Briskly glide through the warm air of Croatia down either the North or the South of the Dalmatian coast and discover some the nation’s most peaceful and picturesque settings. Croatia is usually a destination that many planners don’t recognise as a cycling holiday but believe us, the country holds some of Europe’s most scenic biking routes!

South Dalmatian Coast

Down the South side of the coast, you can discover the majestical nature of the Mediterranean and experience some of the greenest areas that the country has to offer. Alongside your nature exploring, you are also taken to the popular tourist destination of Dubrovnik where you can sightsee the ancient fortress of Old Town.

North Dalmatian Coast

The north side of the coast will have you mesmerised by the ocean blue setting of the Adriatic Sea – make sure you bring a beach towel as you’ll undoubtedly want a dip! By boat, you’ll venture to several islands such as Dugi Otok, where you can cycle through the many breathtaking nature parks and waterfalls in the area. If you’re a looking for a mix of both a summer holiday vibe and a cycling adventure, then make Croatia your top pick when booking through Freewheel Holidays.



France is a country filled with many things to experience. That’s why Freewheel Holidays offer spectacular France bike and barge tours – to get you around all the amazing sites in one trip!

Avignon to Camargue

Discover all the agricultural wonders that France has to offer, on our beautiful biking journey from Avignon to Camargue. Visit the birthplace of Nostradamus, the ancient capital of Gaul and many more areas with a fascinating history. Climb on board and sail through the banks of Rhone, whilst also hitting the road and exploring the natural region of Camargue – the perfect place to find some flamingos! Your friends and family at home won’t believe how many different attractions you have covered during this seven-day trip.

Camargue to Avignon

Freewheel Holidays also offer a package starting from Camargue – it really is too good to miss out on seeing! Highlights from the week-long itinerary consist of a cycle through rice fields and salt lakes and your guided tour around the major sights of the picturesque city of Arles, located on the Rhône River. It wouldn’t be a trip to France without a small splash of wine – so try the local’s favourite at Chateauneuf-du-Pape on your final day. The perfect ending to complete your French experience. Both our bike and barge trips to France maintain the perfect balance of the road and the water, as we look to take you around some of the country’s most historical and ancient attractions. France bike and barge tours are always a popular package at Freewheel Holidays, so we offer two deals with plenty of two-wheeled travelling.



When discussing our bike and barge packages, it would be impossible to leave out the Netherlands – a country that holds an acclaimed reputation for both their cycling roads and notorious canal routes. Our bike and barge Holland packages are one of Freewheel’s top picks amongst travellers.

Island Hopping

Experience the true nature of a sail and bike holiday with our island-hopping excursion around the country. This is one of Freewheel’s top bike and barge Holland deals, due to the amount of ground that you cover. On certain days you will be given the choice of either cycling or hopping on board the ship – it all depends on what tickles your fancy that day! Discover a different side to Holland other than just Amsterdam as you visit the islands of Texel and Terschelling and discover villages you never knew existed. Alongside the sailing, the package also includes cycling destinations such as the harbour, dunes and beaches. This holiday brings a whole new definition to the word exploring!

North of Amsterdam

According to iamsterdam, ‘Amsterdammers’ cycle over 2 million Km a day. It is the number one cycling city in Europe. Experience the North of the nation’s capital city and explore the unique historical settings of Waterland and Monnickendam where the houses stand just above the water. You will also be taken in style on both ferry and barge as you discover areas such as Den Helder, which include attractions like their national beer museum and cheese market. Amsterdam is a place that never seems to disappoint, especially when it comes to a cycling destination, so pedal on down and visit some of the city’s most fascinating locations. Bike and barge holidays in Europe are one of Freewheel’s most sought-after excursions, so we select a wide range of destinations to visit. Why not give our cycling experts Steven and Simon a call to discuss all the finer details about booking your bike and barge holidays today.