Travel Updates from Freewheel Holidays


Travel Updates from Freewheel Holidays

While the world is slowly but surely emerging from the clutches of COVID-19, at Freewheel Holidays we’re well aware of the uncertainty still surrounding international travel.

With rules seemingly changing all the time, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest official advice from the government and the governments of countries overseas.

With this in mind, and with the freedom of international travel within reach, here’s a quick overview of the current guidance regarding travel and how you should approach moving between countries abroad and England.

The Traffic Light System

In a nutshell, the traffic light system is the government’s attempt to simplify the rules surrounding travel to different countries (we’ll go into specifics below).

To sum up:  Red list countries should be avoided. Amber list countries are still a serious risk. And Green list countries hold significantly lesser risk.

Red list countries

According to current guidelines, you should not travel to any red list countries if it can be avoided - these are the countries the government has highlighted as potential COVID hotspots, where it is highly likely to catch and carry the disease.

Current countries on the Red list include, but are not limited to, places like Afghanistan, Brazil, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Turkey, and more.

Amber list countries

Travel to and from Amber list countries is acceptable, but the rules differ from person to person depending on whether or not you are fully vaccinated.

While there are plenty of intricate rules you should absolutely read up on, the basis of the rule regarding Amber list countries is that you should have received your second COVID vaccine does at least 14 whole days before you are due to return to England from overseas. So play it safe and get both your vaccines well ahead of time before you travel.

There are also rules regarding testing yourself before and after you arrive back in England, which you can read more about in the official government guidance.

Current Amber list countries include, but are not limited to, places like Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, and many more.

Green list countries

While Green list countries are designated as holding significantly less of a risk of visitors catching COVID they’re still monitored very carefully. In fact, many of the Green list countries are currently in consideration to be moved to Amber.

Much like travelling from Amber list countries, the government currently requires those returning to England from Green list countries to take numerous COVID tests to ensure a negative result, amongst other important rules.

Countries that are currently on the Green list include Australia, Bulgaria, Croatia, and more.


As always, it is essential that you read the full and current guidance on international travel before you depart. For the government’s current guidance in full, please visit: 

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