Lindsey Cairns: Why book a cycling holiday with a Tour Operator?


Lindsey Cairns: Why book a cycling holiday with a Tour Operator?

You have made the decision to go on a cycling holiday. People sometimes ask me “Do I need to book with a Tour Operator, can’t I organise it myself?”

My answer would be - book it with a Tour Operator. However, if you would like to consider a number of points, read these and then make your decision:

  • Booking flights, trains, hotels, car hire and bikes all take a lot of organisation and you cannot always guarantee you will get the flights or hotels you want.
  • In travel, sometimes things can go a bit awry. Do you want to have to rebook or adjust your bookings yourself whether that is before or during your holiday?
  • Holiday time is precious, you want to maximise your enjoyment, you don’t want to be sorting out issues when you could be doing what you came out to do – cycling!
  • If you're abroad, there could be language issues to contend with. Timetables and information in a foreign language.
  • Changing your plans before or during your holiday could be costly. Working to a budget can be drastically affected if one element of your holiday has to be changed.
  • With a Tour Operator, you can set your budget for the holiday and then any extra costs such as insurance and personal spending. Once that is done, you know how much you will be spending.


  • Tour operators search out the most interesting and enjoyable routes. They will have experience of many customers doing these routes and will want to give you the best of what is on offer. 
  • They will also constantly “tweek” their products to provide the best experience possible. After all they want you to have a good time, come back again and tell your friends.
  • On a cycling holiday, it is important that the various components all mesh together. The bike rental collection, luggage transfer between properties, separate hotel reservations and transport to and from the start of your tour all need to be considered.  You can do these yourself but there is always a risk something is forgotten or is on the wrong date. You would need to take time out of your day to sort it out. However, with a Tour Operator they will get it right and if a mistake does occur, they will rectify it.
  • There are many constituents to a cycling holiday, because a tour operator buys in volume, they can keep the prices down. If you were to book the same parts yourself it will certainly be much more expensive.
  • Reputable tour operators are members of ABTA or ATOL so your holidays are protected and in the current climate, you cannot put a price on this.

Freewheel Holidays are very knowledgeable about their products and have been in the business for many years. Cycling is what they do, it is not a side product for them, they live and breathe cycling. So, choose a company that are cycling specialists.

In summary, let somebody else take the strain so you can enjoy your well-earned holiday.

If you would like to explore what Freewheel Holidays has to offer, you can check out our website or call 0161 703 8161.