Why you should consider a cycling holiday in Poland


Why you should consider a cycling holiday in Poland

Poland isn’t always at the top of everyone’s travel bucket list, and we think that’s a real shame! It might not be the first country you think of when considering your options for a holiday, but the country has been an essential part of European history and culture for centuries. There’s so much to see, do and experience, especially if you’re considering a cycling holiday in Poland!

You might not be aware of this, but Poland is home to some of the most beautiful cycling routes in all of Europe - this includes both city rides and more countrified routes.

So if you’re still on the fence about where to go for your next cycling holiday - when the world fully opens back up again - here are just a few reasons why you should consider a cycling holiday in Poland!

Cycling Routes in Poland

Let’s start with the obvious point, and the likely reason you’re here… If you love cycling and want to broaden your cycling travel horizons, a cycling holiday in Poland is just the ticket.

The country has some of the most splendorous hidden cycling routes in Europe, ideal for those looking to try some new routes or maybe just sample something a little different than they’re used to.

Take the Dunajec Path, for example. The quaint cycling path along the iconic River Dunajec is perfect for you and the whole family to explore, as it takes you along gentle riverbanks and through traditional Polish towns. 

Polish Food

Yes, Italian cuisine is much more famous. But don’t count out the delicious food Poland has to offer until you’ve tried it!

Pierogi is an absolute must-eat on your cycling holiday in Poland. Arguably the most famous of all Polish foods, the Pierogi is a thinly-rolled dumpling with a whole host of different scrumptious fillings. These can be anything from rich meats and mushrooms, to seasonal fruits and berries. It’s an amazing mixture!

Then, there’s Gulasz - or Goulash to you and me - which is a hearty stew consisting of a number of meats, served alongside potatoes and a choice of vegetables.

Filling, tasty and traditional is the best way to describe Polish cuisine. But it’ll give you plenty of energy for your travels on your next cycling holiday in Poland.

History of Poland

Of course, for the history buffs amongst you, a cycling holiday in Poland is a can’t miss attraction. 

Poland was an integral part of the Second World War and arguably suffered more than any other European country at the hands of the Nazis. But from this pain and devastation, the country has gone on to recover, rebuild and re-energise themselves on the global stage.

Krakow is an essential stop if you’re looking for some nuggets of historical gold. The entire old town has been designated as an UNESCO World Heritage Site, with countless pieces of both old and more modern architecture on display.

Speaking of Krakow...

Gorgeous Polish Cities

Krakow isn’t the only major Polish city you can visit on your next cycling holiday in Poland. Our Krakow to Warsaw cycling holiday will let you see both incredible locations in one perfect trip, along with all the sights and sounds you’ll see in between.

Along with Krakow, Warsaw’s old town is also an UNESCO World Heritage Site, giving you an idea of its historical significance. The capital of Poland, Warsaw is home to the majority of the political and economic drive of the country, as well as many more cultural and historical delights.

But we can only tell you so much… to really appreciate a cycling holiday in Poland, you need to experience it for yourself!

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