Why is the Danube Path so Popular?


Why is the Danube Path so Popular?

There are some cycling holidays in Europe that simply stand out above the rest, for a number of reasons.  Whether it’s the awe-inspiring sights you might get to see along your route, or the chance to delve deeper into a country’s heritage and culture, these holidays always prove to be immensely popular with cycling holiday regulars and newcomers alike. And the Danube Path is always on this very exclusive list.

Here are just a few reasons why the Danube Path always proves to be so popular with Freewheel Holidays customers:

Iconic river

The clue is in the name - ‘Danube.’ The Danube River is known the world over and is one of the most iconic bodies of water you’ll find in Europe, or the rest of the planet for that matter.

Why? Well, aside from the stunning scenery you’ll be able to catch as you ride down the banks of the mesmerising waters, the River Danube is also hugely important in the history of Europe, too. It was once the key source of inter-country trade in all of Europe, with hundreds and thousands of boats carrying precious cargo from port to port. 

It’s safe to say that the Europe we know today wouldn’t be the same without the River Danube.

Rural locations

While the River Danube is home to many popular locations, towns and cities along its banks, there’s also plenty of rural locations to find, too. This is especially true of our Danube Cycle Path cycling holiday in Austria, where you’ll get to experience all the wonders the Austrian countryside has to offer.

So if you’re wanting to stop off and rest somewhere that’s a little more tranquil and calm, before you eventually hit the exceptional city of Vienna, you’re definitely in the right place.

Easy to ride

Some people love the challenge of a cycling holiday in Europe that’s a real “uphill battle” and gives your legs a sturdy test. But our Danube Cycle Path cycling holiday is definitely on the other end of the spectrum - a gentle, easier ride that allows you to soak up your new location, without tiring yourself out too much.

The main cycle path along the banks of the river itself is relatively flat and smooth, making it tremendously popular with both locals and tourists looking for a relaxed ride.

Great for families

Who doesn’t love a good family getaway? And it’s made even better when the whole family unit can embrace a hobby and a sport as beneficial as cycling.

The Danube Cycle Path cycling holiday is perfect for both adults and children, thanks to it’s relatively easy routes, as we discussed earlier.

So give your little ones a great holiday and the gift of cycling with our Danube Cycle Path Family Special cycling holiday! You can find out more here.

Classic cities 

The majority of your trip on our Danube Cycle Path cycling holiday will be spent marveling at the beauty of Austria’s natural landscape. But, at the end of your holiday, you’ll arrive at the dazzling metropolitan city of Vienna. Home to some of the most exceptional architecture on the continent, as well as a whole host of other cultural and historical delights, Vienna is definitely a city you’ll want to tick off your cycling travel bucket list.

Sound too good to be true? Hit the link here to book your place on Freewheel Holidays’ Danube Cycle Path cycling holiday and see for yourself.