Will 2021 be the Biggest Year for Cycling?


Will 2021 be the Biggest Year for Cycling?

It’s safe to say 2020 has been, and will continue to be, an interesting year for all industries across the world. The coronavirus brought with it a wave of unprecedented decision making and mass uncertainty. And while many have struggled to maintain their previous success during the pandemic, some sectors have actually found they’ve not only been able to keep things steady, but actually improve their overall numbers. Cycling undoubtedly falls in this category.


Which begs the question: Will cycling continue on this upward path? Or is it destined to head down a steeper slope once all this Covid nonsense is over and done with? If you ask us, everything is pointing towards 2021 being a tremendously successful year for the cycling and cycling travel sectors (assuming the coronavirus is no longer a major issue by then).


At Freewheel Holidays, we’ve been delighting customers with some of the very best cycling holidays money can buy for years, and we’ll be continuing to do that well into the near future and 2021.


Here are just a few reasons why:


The Rise of Cycling


When we were first hit with the lockdown back in March, there were certain specific restrictions in place about not only what kinds of exercise you could fit in, but where you could go and who you could exercise with.


As time went on, though, it was quickly apparent that more and more people were taking up new forms of exercise, including cycling, in HUGE numbers. To the point where some bicycle manufacturers and sales outlets were struggling to keep up with the new demand.


In fact, research from Finder.com tells us that a whopping 42% of Brits now own or regularly have access to a bicycle, while 33% of the whole of the UK have been cycling in the last 12 months. 


According to Cycling Industry News, the rise in cycling over this period is equal to up to a 300% increase, when compared to pre-lockdown numbers. 


If these numbers continue the way they have been (which we think they will - once you’ve caught The Cycling Bug it’s difficult to shake off!) 20201 is set to be the biggest year ever for cycling, no question.


Healthier Lifestyles


One of the biggest notions to come from the coronavirus pandemic has been just how at-risk someone might be if they are obese, overweight or generally live an unhealthy lifestyle.


This includes conditions like diabetes, lung disease, heart disease and more; All of which place you under greater risk of falling serious ill if you contract coronavirus. Which is probably one of the contributing factors as to why many people chose, and are still choosing, to take up cycling during this very strange period of our history.


As you’ll be well-aware, cycling is one of the very best forms of exercise when it comes to losing weight and upholding a healthy lifestyle. It lowers body fat percentage, builds muscle and stamina, and greatly reduces the risk of developing any of the above mentioned conditions, including several more we have not mentioned.


In short, if you’re looking for a fun and exciting way to lose weight, get healthy and keep your immune system in tip-top shape, cycling is definitely the way to go. Countless people have discovered this so far in 2020, and we see no reason why this trend won’t continue well into 2021.




Being cooped up for long periods of time isn’t good for anybody’s mental or physical health. But it’s the unfortunate situation we all found ourselves in back in March, and it’s something a lot of people are still experiencing right now.


This has been especially difficult for the outdoors-types, the explorers and the adventurers. Those who love heading abroad, discovering new places and new cultures, and generally trying new and exciting things. Much of that freedom was taken away, with good reason. And thus, many people will feel they have a lot of catching up to do.


And for those people who perhaps aren’t used to getting out and about, they may now realise what they’ve been missing out on for so long and wish to explore further afield while they still have the chance.


Cycling is a fantastic way to explore a new location. Not only are you able to fit in some great exercise as you explore, you’ll be able to cover much more ground at a greater pace than walking or jogging, while still having the ability to stop off and truly get to grips with your surroundings in a more personal fashion as you go.


If exploration is the name of the game in 2021, cycling will surely be playing its part.




While many of these plans may have been in their infancy before lockdown even began, it should come as no surprise given just how much more popular walking and cycling seems to have begun that local councils across the country are announcing increased spending to make our cities, towns and villages more cycling-friendly.


This new found support is perhaps the clearest indication yet that cycling will remain a force to be reckoned with into 2021 and the rest of the near future. 


Cycling together


Considering the current rules on social distancing and who you may/may not socialise with, there will be those who have gotten used to cycling alone during lockdown.


And there’s nothing wrong with that! Sometimes jumping behind the handlebars and heading off on your own adventure for some peace and tranquility is just what the doctor ordered. But there’s no doubt that many of these people will be chomping at the bit to share their new found passion for cycling with their friends.


Some of their friends might have gotten into the sport over lockdown too, or they were already into it. So once the coronavirus is no longer an issue, these people will be free to share their cycling experiences with like-minded people and become even more immersed into the cycling world.


This might even develop a desire to head off on a once in a lifetime cycling holiday… which we highly recommend!


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