The Wonderful Wine Regions of France Meet the Greatest Race on Earth.


The Wonderful Wine Regions of France Meet the Greatest Race on Earth.

France has long had a reputation as the world's cultural and historic heartland of the wine industry. Several popular French regions are known to produce excellent wines. Due to its varied and unique geography each wine region produces wine with a different character, taste and colour. 'Terroir', the essence of a wine and how it's achieved by a mixture of the wine grower's experience and passion, is always at the forefront of the French wine producer's thoughts. Local weather, growing conditions and the soil that the wine grows in are also vital factors in the production of fine wines. The naming of wines, and the regions that produce them are strictly regulated to ensure that wines conform to certain standard to be called Champagne, Bourgogne or Saint Emilion for example. 

Below we have highlighted some of the most important French wine regions and how they are linked to another one of France's most famous exports; the Tour de France. You can ofcourse enjoy both together, on one of our 'Tour de France' leisure cycling holidays this summer. 


The Loire Valley is located about 200 kilometres south of Paris. Known for the hundreds of chateaux that were built here for the royalty and aristocracy of France, the area features architecture that dates all the way back to between 1400 and 1800. Like the castles, wine making also has a long and rich history in the Loire region.

The city of Orléans is famous for Gothic Sainte-Croix Cathedral and its history, including the legend of Joan of Arc. The region's capital, Tours is a busy university town with famous medieval quarter.

Although smaller than Bordeaux, France's biggest wine region, the Loire is home to a wide variety of wine growing land. Loire wine harvests can have very variable levels of success due to the very changable climate in this part of France.

The Loire region has three distinct areas where vineyards are located; Upper Loire, Middle Loire and Lower Loire. Each area focuses on different grape varieties. Loire wines are generally known for their high acidity, which accounts for a crisp, fresh flavor. It’s known for dry whites such as Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé.

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There will be 4 stages fully within Brittany followed by an individual time trial with a finish in Laval near Rennes. After Brittany, the route takes us into the Pays de La Loire with a finish in the town of Laval followed by a start in Tours.

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Leisure Cycling Tours

The Loire region is a fabulous place for a cycling holiday. Quiet roads and amazing scenery with frequent stops to sample the local wines and visit the amazing chateaux.

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  • Orleans to Saumur - More info
  • Briare to Nevers - Bike and Boat - More info
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Bordeaux is the biggest, and by far most famous wine producing area in France. Some would even go as far as to say it is the best. Located in the Gironde department in southwest France the city of Bordeaux enjoys long warm summers and cool winters. 

The most well-known wines that produced here are: Saint Emilion and Medoc. The soil, sunshine and proximity of the Dordogne and Garonne rivers make this area well-suited for wine production. The towns of Libourne and Saint Emilion will both play host to Tour de France stages in 2021.

Tour de France tours and VIP experiences

As in 2020, the 2021 Tour de France finishes with an individual time trial. There are two stages in the Bordeaux area. First up is a stage that comes into the Gironde from the Pyrenees with a finish in Libourne. We think this will be a great opportunity for a sprinter like Sam Bennett. Stage 20 is a relatively long individual time trial from Libourne to Saint Emilion.

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