Wine Themed Cycling Holidays!


Wine Themed Cycling Holidays!

Who doesn’t love a good glass of Vino?!


If cycling is one of your passions, but you also enjoy a glass of wine every now and again (or more often than you’d like to admit!) then our wine themed cycling holidays sound like the perfect escape for you?


But, “what exactly is a wine themed cycling holiday?” we hear you ask. In a nutshell, these are some of Freewheel Holidays’ most breathtaking tours that allow you to sample the regions of specific countries where some of the world’s best wine is produced!


Sample some of the tastiest and most refined wines as you cycle, and discover more about the history and culture of the beautiful lands that helped make them famous the world over.


Here are just a few reasons to try one of our Wine themed cycling holidays:

Broaden your wine horizons

If you're one of those cyclists who loves a glass of wine but has never put much serious thought into the wine that you’re drinking, a wine themed cycling holiday could be the perfect chance to broaden your wine horizons.


Learn more about the complexities of this classic drink and immerse yourself in new scents, colours and flavours of wine.


Who knows? You might end up trying wine you never even knew existed, or find a brand new favourite on your travels.

Get your cycling legs back

Wine themed cycling holidays don’t have to be all about the wine, as much as you might be looking forward to that part!


But you mustn't forget about the cycling, and there is so much incredible cycling to be had on one of these holidays.


Whether you wind up roaming the stunning vineyards of France, or gliding your way through a classic Italian village, there’s plenty of reasons apart from wine to put your cycling legs to good you and get back in the cycling game!

Stunning locations

It might just be a coincidence, but some of the best wine-producing regions in Europe also happen to be some of the most visually stunning, too.


Take our North Burgundy and Chablis tour, for example. One day, you might be exploring the city of Auxerre - famed for its glorious classic architecture. The next, you might be gliding your way through a sea of never-ending luscious green fields and vineyards in Chablis.


There’s so much scenery to be appreciated and so much wine to be enjoyed. So why not have your fill of both?

Renew your passion for wine & cycling

The period over Christmas and New Year, and even the period many months before that, hasn’t been easy for many of us.


Being stuck at home or having to deal with the other pandemic-related stresses of life may have left you feeling deflated, with little interest in pursuing your passions.


Well, 2021 is the time for you to light that fire again, even if it is just for a good old fashioned glass of red and a bike ride!


A wine themed cycling holiday could be just the ticket to get you involved in the things you care about again, and will help you escape the drudgery of lockdown life.


Sounds good, right? If you’d like to dig a little deeper into wine themed cycling holidays, take a look at our dedicated page here. Or call 0161 703 8161.